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AC Milan has found his form lately, with great performances against Florentine (2:0), their rivals Inter Milan (3:0) and a win this week against Palermo (0:2). It looks Mihajlović found a great formation for his team 4-4-2 and it does miracles. Being that Milan has not yet been defeated since 6.1.2016, their morale is high and that momentum plus home stadium advantage should be enough to Udinese, who have been struggling this season. You can also bet -1 on Milan, odds are decent at around 1.5
Prediction: Milan to Win


Inter has suffered 2 big defeats in last 3 matches, first a loss against last year’s champion Juventus in cup run (3:0) and a second one, even more painful to their biggest rivals, AC Milan (3:0). The morale was low, as it could be seen in next match aainst Chievo Verona, even though Inter managed to win, it could be more than only by 1 goal (1:0).
This match is a good opportunity to get team morale back up, as Inter is facing a team that is at the very bottom of the table. Even though Inter is visiting Verona, it does not make much a difference, as the hosts won only 1 match at home in 12, and gathered only 8 points all together. This is a match Inter must win, if not they can forget their placement in top 5.
Prediction: Inter -0.25 AH


Roma is climbing up the table and with great performances they climbed to 5th place. Roma will host 17th placed Sampdoria, who has twrrible results in recent matches. Looking at Sampdoria away matches, they managed to win only 1 out of 10, whereas they will need to face off a team, that has lost only 1 in last 10 home matches. This will be a very tough task for Sampdoria to do, I might even say impossible. But then again, everything can happen.
If we cross out the luck factor AS Roma is a clear winner in this one and should take another 3 points and strenghten their position in top 5
Prediction: Roma to Win

Frosinone has little to no chance to be a threat to Juventus, who is on a good way to get to 1st place, as they are only 2 points behind Napoli. Even though this is an away match for Juventus, they are superb when travelling. With a record of 8-1-3 it should worry Frosinone, who only managed to get 17 points at home. This should be an easy win for Juventus even with 1 goal handicap.
Prediction: Juventus -1.00 AH


We have prepared two tickets, the “normal one” and the “extra safe” one.

Normal ticket:











Extra-safe ticket:










Good luck and have fun !

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