Venezia v Trento – Lega A Playoffs Finals

Venezia v Trento - Lega A Playoffs Finals

We already had two free winning predictions on the site today (F1 and Serie A preview) and we have decided to add another betting preview, this time for the basketball match between Venezia and Trento.


Venezia v Trento – Lega A Playoffs Finals

We have got an exciting match ahead of us, with Venezia and Trento going against each other in the second round of Lega A finals. Looking back at the main season, Venezia finished at 2nd place with a record of 21-9, whereas Trento finished at 4th position with a record of 18-12. With that, they got their tickets into playoffs and went through their opponents with ease.

Venezia started off their playoffs with a match against Pistoia (7th placed team in the main season) and won their first 2 encounters (84:71) and (72:68), whereas they failed to win game no.3 (89:75). 4th match was where Venezia showed their worth as they won by 13 points (79:92), thus advancing into Semi-Finals where they faced off against Avellino. They proven to be a tougher opponent than Pistoia, as they managed to win 2 games (73:80) and (96:83), but once again Venezia outmatched their opponents with 4 wins of their own (88:77), (73:75), (78:66) and (83:84). Two of the matches Venezia won were extremely close so some luck may have played a part of their success. Nevertheless, they got to the finals and arguably deserved it.

Trento on the other side ended the regular season worse as Venezia (as mentioned before), but it did not seem like it in the playoffs. Their 1st encounter was Sassari (5th in regular season), who were sent home quickly as Trento won all 3 games (65:55), (74:68) and (69:75). Next up, in Semi-finals Trento faced off against Olimpia Milano, champions of the regular season with a 23-7 record on their hand. Prior to the match, Olimpia Milano was a favourite in eyes of many and rightfully so, but Trento surprised us all with superb performance. Trento won 4 matches against Olimpia Milano, while only losing one. The matches were mostly not that close as I expected; (66:76), (71:78), (88:64) and (82:102) for Trento. With performances like that Trento really left a huge statement.

The first match between Venezia and Trento ended in Trento’s favour (74:83), which was the second loss in 14 games at home stadium for Venezia. Now they are going at it again, at the same venue (Palasport Giuseppe Taliercio) and a win here would be huge for Trento. They have proven before and will most likely prove it again, that they are a strong team and a well-deserved favourite for the title, a win here is of a huge importance and I expect them to take this one home. I recommend a bet on Trento with the six-point advantage.

Prediction: Trento +6 points
Odds: 1.96 Pinnacle

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