How to use VPN to open new betting accounts

How to use VPN to successfully open new betting accounts

How to use VPN to successfully open new betting accounts


As far as I know, most European bookmakers dislike winning punters. So they either close or restrict winning accounts. For people betting lower or exotic leagues, bookmakers with large content such as Bet365 are a must have. The problem starts (with these leisure bookmakers) when you start winning, the already low limits become closed accounts. Winners are not welcome. To get around this, many people open new betting accounts in the name of a consenting friend or family member. If you or anyone is planning to do this, take some cautionary evasive action(securing your internet connection via VPN) to avoid detection, after all, it´s the job of the risk/fraud manager to identify such accounts and put a stop to them.


1. So, how do I delete all traces between my old and new accounts?

The first important step is to clean out your cookies and cache in your browser, to wipe out all traces of your past accounts.  The most efficient way is reinstalling your computer system, but this can take some time, so I recommend using cleaning programs like CCleaner.



1.1 What is CCleaner?

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As mentioned before, CCleaner is a computer program that cleans your computer. There are other alternatives, but I strongly recommend CCleaner, it’s fast, efficient and easy to use. And it’s free!


2. My computer is clean now, what’s next?

Your computer should now be clear off all traces of your previous accounts. Now it’s time to choose your VPN.


2.2 What is VPN?

A VPN is a network that uses a public telecommunication infrastructure, such as the Internet, to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to their organization’s network. A VPN ensures privacy through security procedures and tunneling protocols such as the Layer Two Tunneling Protocol. Data is encrypted at the sending end and decrypted at the receiving end. So, VPN is a program that hides your identity, so bookies can’t locate your real location or links to your old account.


2.3 There are many VPN providers out there, which one should I choose?

If you are looking for a speed and quality, you could do worse that choose HMA (Hide my Ass). It’s currently one of the fastest on the market. The program has great reviews from users and a great support that always answer your questions. HMA costs around 10 EUR per month, it’s definitely worth of its money.

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There are also some free alternatives if you don’t like spending money on VPNs. Here are the best free VPN programs. From this list, I would really recommend CyberGhost as one of the best free VPNs.


3. I have cleaned and secured my computer, anything else?

We are almost done now. The only thing you need to do is open the new account under your friend or families name. Make sure you have their consent since you will need them to fund the betting account and later make the withdrawal. There is also a good chance that the bookmaker will ask for proof of identification and address. As a last warning. Make sure you never log into your betting account without having your VPN on. Otherwise, you could be tracked and your account will be closed.


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