Swiss Super League 2017/18 Round 3 Review

Swiss Super League 2017/18 Round 3 Review

Swiss Super League 2017/18 Round 3 Review

Lugano – Zurich

Lugano and Zurich drew in their last match. Zurich can be happy with the final result, whereas Lugano most likely isn’t.Despite the match ending in a draw, these two teams did not perform equally throughout the 90 minutes. The home side had a better possession and created better opportunities compared to their opponents. Unlucky for Lugano, their goal was disallowed due to offside. The goal should arguably be allowed, but in the end, that is for the referees to decide. In the second half, we did not see anything spectacular by neither of the teams, most likely due to the heat on that day. The match then ended in 0-0, but as mentioned before Lugano should have won this one.


Thun – Basel

Basel clearly outperformed Thun in an away game. Basel went into the game with an attacking approach, which ended up being a great decision as Thun could not find an answer for it. The first goal of the match happened only 3 minutes in when van Wolfswinkel scored for Basel. 25 minutes later, Basel added another goal to their lead (Bua 29′), thus going into the 2nd half with 2 goals lead. In the 2nd half, Thun was hungry for a goal, but their attacks were poorly executed and were all denied by Basel defense. Due to the attacking approach from Thun in the 2nd half, there was a lot of space in the back, but Basel failed to use that to their advantage until late in the stoppage time. Their 3rd goal came in 90’+6 by Oberlin. Quite frankly, Basel was a much better team in that fixture and they deserved the win. On the other hand, Thun did not have the right tools to counter Basel and suffered their 3rd defeat this season.


Luzern – Grasshoppers

An entertaining match with a spectacular finish by Luzern, who got their equalizer in 89′. The match was entertaining as it was aggressive, with total 3 red and 6 yellow cards being shown. The first goal came really early into the match, with Munsy scoring in 7′ for Grasshoppers. The visiting side then took over the tempo and pressured Luzern, who were unable to create any good chance. That was until 32′ when Pickel was sent off after being shown his 2nd yellow card. Luzern used the man advantage and pressed for an equalizer. Sadly for them, they suffered a goal in 67′ after a counter attack by Grasshoppers. At this point, it seemed as the match was over for Luzern, but that was not the case. In 77′, Jong scored a goal to bring Luzern to 1-2. The adrenaline seemed to kick in and Luzern managed to squeeze another goal in before the end of the match in 89′ by Demhasaj. A spectacular match and a fair result from what we have seen from these two teams.


St. Gallen – Sion

St. Gallen won over Sion in a 2-0 match in front of their own crowd. The home side started the much more promising compared to Sion but failed to convert 2 great chances into a goal. 2nd part of the 1st half, Sion pressed forward, but also managed to miss a clear chance. With nothing more happening in the 1st half, teams went into the 2nd half with a scoreboard showing 0-0. 2nd half was much more close until St.Gallen m found the net in 75′ after missed chance from Sion. Sion only had 1 thing they could do at this point, attack. Their attacks were sadly all denied, in addition to that, St.Gallen managed to score another goal in 86′ after a counter attack. The 2nd goal that late in the match sealed the win for the home side. There is no denying St.Gallen was a better side, but a 2-1 score would be fairer. The second half continued to be tight, but St Gallen made the breakthrough in the 75th minute through Aratore; prior to this, Sion had wasted a great chance. Around 5 minutes from time, with Sion forced to chase, St Gallen scored again on the counter through Albian Ajeti to seal the victory.


Young boys – Lausanne Sport

Young boys added another win to their record this season after a 3-0 win over Lausanne at home. Young Boys started their scoring in 16′ by Bertone, who added another goal to his name only 6 minutes after (22′). With 2 quick goals in Lausanne’s net, they had no other option but to attack for the remainder of the match. Sadly for them, not 1 attack was a threat for Young Boys, who were the dominant team throughout the match. In 66′ we saw Young Boys were awarded a penalty-kick which they converted into a goal through Hotaru. Some may argue with the decision of the referee to award the free kick, but to be fair it most likely wouldn’t make much of a difference. The high win for Young Boys is a fair result in my opinion as Lausanne had no chance to win in that fixture.


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