Swiss Super League 2017/18 Round 2 Review

Swiss Super League 2017/18 Round 2 Review

Swiss Super League 2017/18 Round 2 Review

Grasshoppers – Young Boys

Young Boys ended their 2nd game of the season with a high win over Grasshoppers (4-0). The final result is a fair representation of how the match went and which team proven to be the better side. At the start of the match, the game was fairly equal, from what we have seen from both sides, with 2 great chances from each team, but the ball sadly did not go in. That was until the 14th minute when Young Boys scored their 1st goal after an excellent pass from Lotomba to Fassnacht who put it in from the box. It was expected that Grasshoppers would try and equalize, but that did not seem to be the case. They looked like they were not phased by an early goal from Young Boys, whereas the away side started attacking more and more, with a lot more confidence. The rest of the 1st half saw no goal, but a lot of missed opportunities from both sides, but it was still clear that Young Boys were the better side, at least from what we saw up until then. At the start of 2nd half, Grasshoppers approached the match in a more attacking fashion and understandably so, they were chasing the equalizer. Sadly enough, they failed to convert all their chances, the most memorable being Fasko’s 1v1 against the goalkeeper, which ended in the ball in goalkeepers hands. 15 minutes into the match, Young Boys slowly took over the control of the match and scored their 2nd goal in 64′ after a mistake from Vilotic. The second goal was devastating for Grasshoppers, as they just did not have an answer prepared for it. Foreward to 72′ Young Boys scored their 3rd goal, which was more or less the last nail in the coffin for Grasshoppers. The very next attack resulted in yet another goal for Young Boys. Match then continued for the remaining 15 minutes, with Grasshoppers creating one good chance, but again failed to convert. The match finished 4-0, which is a fair score. Maybe a 4-1 would be fairer, but in the end, it wouldn’t make much of a difference.


Basel – Luzern

The opening minutes of the match were clearly in Basel’s favor as they enjoyed the majority of the possession and were using the ball quite efficiently.  After a bad shot from Bua inside the penalty box in 10′, Basel managed to score a goal only 4 minutes after. A free kick awarded to Basel in 14′ resulted in a spectacular overhead kick goal from Elyounoussi after a great pass from Suchy. This goal opened the match as both teams were able to produce good attacking plays towards the opponent’s goal. Sadly Luzern were not able to utilize those chances and suffered another goal only 8 minutes after the 1st one thanks to Bua who scored on the second attempt after the first one was blocked. The 2nd half gave Luzern a spark of hope after an own goal from Elyounoussi, whose attempt of clearing the ball from the penalty box went the wrong way. With that Luzern gave their all to chase the equalizer, but Basel was able to defend all of their attempts. With the match coming to an end, we saw Basel using a more attacking approach, which sometimes backfires. Luckily for them, it did not, instead, they managed to score the 3rd goal in 79′ after a great cross from Steffen, which found van Wolfswinkel who used the chance and sealed the win for his team. Basel deserved the win, without the doubt as they were the better team. The only thing that gave Luzern a chance to fight back was an unfortunate own goal in 2nd half, despite that they were never a threat to the home side.


Zurich – Thun

Zurich and Thun produced a great match, with a comeback from the home side to take all 3 points. The start of the match was not dominated by either of the teams, with both teams using the ball smartly and trying to slowly build up their attack. This resulted in 2 great opportunities for both sides but were denied by the goalkeepers. The first goal came in 35′ when Tosetti scored a goal and put Thun in the lead. Zurich tried to score a goal of their own, but all of their attempts for equalizer were denied by Thun’s defense so the half ended in 0-1 for the visitors. 2nd half was a different story, as Zurich started it in the best way possible. In 51′ Frey equalized for the home side after a great throw-in pass from Jagne. That goal gave Zurich the confidence to attack and chase the game winning goal. They had quite some chances, and could arguably be awarded a penalty kick in 68′ when Frey fell in the penalty box. However, that was not the case. After the goal from Frey, Zurich was a better team and deservedly scored a goal in 74′ which put them into the lead. Thun tried their best in the last 10 minutes, but their attempts were just not good enough to break Zurich defense, so the match ended in a spectacular and a deserved win for the home side (2-1).


Lausanne Sport – Sion

This was one of the matches, where the arguably better team was left empty-handed. Lausanne started the match more lively compared to Sion, as they had the ball at their feet most of the time with a better attacking approach. Despite the ball being in the Sion half for most of the time, Lausanne failed to score. Sion, on the other hand, had all 11 men playing defense, so it’s clear that they did not have many attacking chances. Lausanne was close to scoring a goal in 22′ when Geismann received a great pass from Campo but was unable to convert the chance into a lead. At the half hour mark, Lausanne was clearly the dominant side, but without any success. The game-changing moment came in 33′ when Sion scored a goal. A bit of luck and bad positioning from home side allowed Schneuwly to receive the ball inside the box, who scored an easy goal for Sion. This goal came as a surprise for everyone and Lausanne were clearly in shock. This resulted in a slower tempo of play for the remainder of the half. 2nd half was similar to the 1st half, at least in a way Lausanne were attacking most of the time, whereas Sion was defending. Sion decided to pull back and protect the lead with all his men and it worked out for them, despite Lausanne having a few good chances, luckily for the visitors they did not result in a goal. Last 10 minutes were more open and even Sion got a chance to score. Actually, they should have but Konate missed a sitter in 87′. Did Sion deserve the win? Probably not as they were mostly passive and did not do close to anything in the 90′. Sadly the luck was not on hosts side this time so they will have to hope for a better result when these two teams met again.The final 15 minutes were open; Sion was given lots of space on the break and in the 87th minute, they should have scored but Konate missed a sitter. Despite late pressure, Sion managed to snatch a win, which overall looking was pretty undeserved as they were inferior and offensively passive throughout the 90 minutes. Lausanne Sport will feel hugely disappointed after they were defeated 0-1 at home by Sion. This was a game, where the home side dictated tempo and controlled possession throughout the 90 minutes. Sion were struggling to make any impact in the final third, having decided to take an extremely defensive approach. Sion missed chances late on but those appeared as Lausanne took an all-attack approach in their attempt to find an equalizer. The score line doesn’t reflect the game, a 1-0 home win would’ve been a fairer final outcome.


The match between Lugano and St. Gallen was canceled and will be played on 16.08.2017.


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