Swiss Super League 2017/18 Round 1 Review

Swiss Super League 2017/18 Round 1 Review

Swiss Super League 2017/18 Round 1 Review

Young Boys – Basel | Half-time score: 0-0 | Full-time score: 2-0 | Our prediction: Young Boys +0.25

Young Boys started the season the best way they could imagine, with a high win over Basel. The 1st half started off slow and it was quite balanced at first sight. Basel had slightly more ball at their feet but were unable to convert the advantage in the possession into a goal. On the other hand, Young Boys used the ball better when they were given the chance. Both teams had some promising chances, however, the 1st half ended in a tie (0-0). The second half was much more in Young Boys favour, as they were clearly a dominant side. That resulted in a goal in 58′ by Ravet. Basel had no other chance, but to change their playstyle into a more attacking one. Sadly enough, they couldn’t’ find the net and went behind by 2 goals in 80′ after a superb free-kick from Souljemani, who made it up from when he missed a perfect opportunity earlier in the match. Basel gave their all in the remaining 10 minutes, but Young Boys defence was firm enough to hold on to the lead for the remainder of the match. All in all, it was a well-deserved win from Young Boys. Pre-match preview: Link


Lausanne Sport – St. Gallen | Half-time score: 1-2 | Full-time score: 3-3 | Our prediction: Under 2.75 goals

The match ended in a highly entertaining 6 goal draw which was a fair result from what we have seen from both teams. The 1st goal happened fairly early into the match when Campo scored in 7′, which gave the home side a nice early lead. 21 min later St. Gallen prepared an answer for Lusannes with 2 goals in quick succession in 28′ and 33′ by Buess and Aratore, which resulted in a 1 goal lead for the visiting side. Early into the 2nd half, Galles scored their 3rd goal via free-kick (52′ Aleksic). Despite trailing by 2 goals, Lausanne did not give up, which resulted in a goal in 57′ by Geissmann and another one in 62′ by Zarate. There was an element of luck that contributed in the equalizing goal, but to be fair, Lausanne deserved it. The match went on with both teams trying to score a winner, but the approach was fairly more laid-back compared to the rest of the match, and understandably so as neither wanted to risk losing the match. All in all, great match with plenty of goals.


Grasshoppers – Zurich | Half-time score: 0-1 | Full-time score: 0-2 | Our prediction: Over 2.75 goals

There is no denying that Zurich was a better team that day, but Grasshoppers had some good chances, which they were unable to take advantage of. Zurich was a more attacking side throughout the match. They were attacking with confidence and good organisation, which resulted in Grasshoppers being pushed back quite a bit in the early stages of the match. Attacking has its price and that’s its lack of players on the defensive end. Grasshoppers used that and got their chance when Sigurjonbsson got a 1 on 1 chance but was unable to convert it into a lead. A few minutes after the missed chance from the home side, Zurich scored a goal (23′ Dwamena). Despite the attacking effort from Zurich, the teams went into the 2nd half with no additional goals. In the 2nd half teams played fairly equally, however, Zurich still held a slight advantage as they kept on pressing towards the goal. In 61′ Zurich got a chance to double their lead from penalty line, but Grasshopper keeper stopped the shot from Frey. This hasn’t stopped Zurich from attacking, which put a lot of pressure on the home side. In 82′ Dwamena scored his 2nd goal and gave his team a 2 goal lead, to which they held on to the end. As mentioned before, Grasshoppers had some great opportunities but failed to utilize them. To be fair, they deserved at least 1 goal but there is no doubt Zurich was a better team in this match-up.


Luzern – Lugano | Half-time score: 0-0 | Full-time score: 1-0 | Our prediction: Lugano +0.50

Luzern was a stronger team in the opening stages of the match with some dangerous opportunities, which build up a lot of pressure on the visiting side, but sadly they did not convert them into a goal. Lugano on the other side had a lot of troubles building up their attack as they lost too many balls in the midfield, so they had to stay back and defend their goal, which they successfully managed to do in the 1st half. Despite all the attacking and counter-attacking keepers did not have a lot of work. The second half proceeded in the similar fashion, with neither team being able to find their rhythm. This time Lugano had a few more chances from the range, but Luzern was still a dominant team. After all, the attacking the first goal came fairly late, in 81′ by Juric, who led Luzern into a 1-0 lead. Few minutes after Luzern were given another great opportunity but did not convert it. Lugano simply did not have an answer for Luzern this time. It was a deserved win, but a match with too many missed opportunities.


Thun – Sion | Half-time score: 0-1 | Full-time score: 0-1 | Our prediction: Sion +0.25

Not the most entertaining match to watch as the visiting team decided to pick a defensive playstyle which in the end proven to be the right choice for them. Not the most entertaining match to watch as the visiting team decided to pick a defensive playstyle which in the end proven to be the right choice for them. Match started off with Thun attacking the net, sadly without any success. Soon it became clear Sion was confident with sitting back, defending and waiting for counter-attacks. And it paid off. In 28′ Konate put his team in the lead with a 2nd chance shot after the 1st being blocked. Thun was visibly in shock and needed some time to get back on track and started attacking. Still, they did not find the right formula to defeat Sion’s defence. With that Thun went into 2nd half 1 goal behind. The second half did not offer us anything special. Thun still struggled with their attack, whereas Sion sat back, defended the net and waited. The frustration of Thun was clearly visible and were dealt another blow in 73′ when Heidger received his 2nd yellow card.  In the last 10 minutes Thun attacked with all they had, to be fair that’s the only thing they could do, but Sion defence stood firmly and were able to defend their lead. The match was clearly frustrating for Thun and most likely for some fans aswell. All in all, it was a fair result with a lot of opportunities which did not find the goal.