SK vs Vexed – CS:GO MLG Columbus 2016 Main Qualifier

SK v Vexed – Columbus 2016 Main Qualifier

SK vs Vexed – MLG Columbus 2016 Main Qualifier
February 26 2016, Offline, 20:00 CEST

SK and Vexed, two inconsistent teams, are matched up against each other in the Group stage match of the MLG Major Qualifier to be held on the 26th February 2016 at 22:00.

I was really impressed with SK, as they were playing very good against Fnatic on Overpass, but they also got trashed on the next map called Cache. Anyway, they are not a terrible side, even if they do have Hyper missing. But with experienced players like Friis and MODII that should be enough to win this game relatively comfortably. SKs performance on LAN and online matches is pretty much the same. Unlike Vexed, their performance does not have big swings depending on whether it is a LAN or Online match.

On the other side we have Vexed, a team that has been performing terrible lately. They lost most of their LAN based matches in single digits and we can expect something like this tonight. In their last six games they only managed to get a win against Spanish team x6tence, which they trashed 16-2. They were destroyed twice by Dignitas and they even lost both maps to ENCE in BO2.

With the current odds, there is not much of a value to be betting straight on SK, but AH provides with a good value bet. Take a small bet on SK to cover the spread.


Prediction 1: SK to win match
Odds: 1.20 – 1.30

Prediction 2:  SK – 5.5 games
Odds: 1.925 Pinnacle Sports


Probable line-ups:
SK: AcillioN, Friis, Pimp, Magiskb0y, MODDII
Vexed: rallen, Furlan, oskarish, repo, GruBy

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