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Service Announcements – June 2017

Service Announcements - June 2017 betting previews and predictions

What to expect in the upcoming months?

As far as soccer goes, our premium users will continue to receive betting predictions from most of the Asian leagues(J-League 1 and 2, K-League, Chinese Super League, sometimes cup games). Tennis has switched to the grass surface, so you can expect predictions from WTA and ATP tournaments. Formula 1 will continue, as usual, there will be an increased number of bets in eSports, as there will be quite a couple of CS:GO tournaments during the summer. WNBA and MMA bets will be also sent as usual. Golf betting will make a return, check below for more information.



You may have noticed that we have ditched Betrush, Mybigpartner(a while ago) and Betverified. We have nothing against those services and we think they are doing a good job, but if you have 100 bets per month and adding them into each website separately can be quite time-consuming, especially as we were not getting any big website traffic from these websites. We are still proofing our predictions to and betMMA.


What happened to golf betting picks?

The Golf model/system has been tweaked a lot of times during the last years. Last five years there were (excluding 2017) more than 2000 bets with two models (winner markets and top x finish). Winner markets model was profitable in 4(2012, 2013, 2014, 2015) seasons out of 5, while top x finish model was profitable in only 2 seasons(2012, 2015, but came very close in 2014).

When we started sending out golf bets in early 2017, our focus was primarily on Top X finish markets(although we send out some player vs player and winner predictions). But then the problems started with low liquidity on Betfair and unstable odds and low limits on Bet365(and other traditional books) were not really the best solution for most of our subscribers. We then decided to send out only Winner predictions, along with the message; I recommend a 250 unit betting bank, selections can be bet EW or just to win. There will be around 5 – 7 selections per tournament, sometimes you can expect some in-play bets. There were no winning predictions for the first four months(although some of the players came close, one selection also lost in the playoffs, a couple EW bets were half won, also again books offering different EW terms, I will post stats on how bets went if you were betting on Betfair markets or on Bet365 win EW option).

The whole thing was a mess and not very professional looking, so we decided to revamp the model and tweak it more for the Winner markets. You can expect to receive predictions for the upcoming PGA Travelers Championship and European BMW International Open. There will be around 3-6 bets per tournament, and we highly recommend you create a separate betting bank for golf only(at least 150 units for some comfort during losing streaks). The main focus will be on Winner markets, but you can also expect some player vs player predictions.

We will also try to write a short preview for the each event. The previews will be posted for free on our website, including with a free Top x Finish prediction for non-premium visitors. The previews will be something similar to the preview below.


Mobile App and SMS notification

Our Android app is currently offline, as there were some problems with getting the articles to the actual users. There will a new app released in a month or two, the app will serve as a platform to view free previews and receive notifications when free and premium prediction are available.


Email problems

For the last 2 months, all emails you have sent to our email address( have not been received by our server(although we have been sending emails out normally!). So, if you have any unanswered questions, please let us know. Alternatively, you can also add us on Skype(betting.previews).


Differences between Yahoo and Gmail

We have tested our service on all popular email providers and the best one is definitely Gmail(with our service whitelisted). There were no problems with Outlook and cPanel based emails(Roundcube, Horde, SquirrelMail,…). But with Yahoo there is a different story. Apparently, they use some strong anti-spam protection and sometimes emails arrive late or in incorrect order(email with picks before tips notification email, while on Gmail works fine). Also, formatting works very poorly, which means emails look prettier on Gmail(easier to read).




We were already planning on increasing the price in April, but then we decided to do it after the summer break(August 2017), as most of the EU leagues were coming to an end. The new price will be 50 USD per month. There will be also discounts for people subscribing for longer periods.


That’s all for now. Good luck with your betting!

Best regards,
BP Team

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