Sacramento Kings v Chicago Bulls – NBA

Sacramento Kings v Chicago Bulls - NBA

Kings are coming into this fixture after a surprising win against GSW in overtime (109:106) and this is without the doubt a great way to end their 4 game losing streak at home court. The main reason Kings managed to win this match is that they were able to defend their basket, letting GSW score only 41.4% of the shots made. Looking at King’s recent games, they seem really unpredictable. They lost games against 76ers (112:119) and Suns (103:105), both of which they arguably should win and then the go on and win against GSW which is surprising to say the least. However, this is not a sign of a good form to come in my eyes and by no means does it mean they would easily defeat teams weaker than GSW. Their morale is of course high after such a win but they should not underestimate their opponents today.

Bulls have got a painful defeat behind them as they were close to defeating Houston Rockets. It would not have been such a big surprise as Kings:GSW game, but in the end Bulls came into that match as a big underdogs. The game against Rockets started with a 2 point lead by Bulls (24:26), which they were not able to retain, as Rockets ended 2nd quarter with 11 point lead (36:23). After half time break Bulls came on the court determined to get the lead back and they did with an excellent performance, outscoring Rockets by whole 13 points (19:32). The only thing Bulls had to do is hold on to their lead for 12 minutes, but they failed to do so.. Rockets managed to close the gap in the last quarter (29:27), so on we went to overtime. For me and surely for many other people, Bulls performance in overtime was disappointing, as they shot with 28.6% accuracy, whereas they let Rockets score 80% of their attempts. With a 28 FG% you cannot expect to win the game so in that aspect Rockets deserved a win. Still, it’s a shame Bulls weren’t able to perform better, but they need to forget that and move on.


Verdict & Prediction

This match has one key factor in deciding the winner. Michael William Carter’s appearance is under the question after being injured in his last game. It’s still unclear if that will affect his appearance in the upcoming match as no new reports on it are available at the moment. With that in mind I would wait to see an official statement of his appearance before making the bet. If it turns out he will play, a bet; Bulls -2.5 seems reasonable for me. Otherwise, I would not make the bet.

Prediction: Bulls -2.5 (IF Carter does play)
odds: 1.83 SBOBET