Runtime v Winstrike – CIS Minor Katowice 2018

Runtime v Winstrike - CIS Minor Katowice 2018

Runtime v Winstrike - CIS Minor Katowice 2018

First, let’s take a look at quite a new team, with not so new players, Runtime. Seized was a Natus Vincere player till November 2018, when he was replaced by electronic from FlipSid3 so he went the opposite way on loan to FlipSid3. A couple of months late he joined Gambit on trial, but was soon replaced by mir due to bad performances. Since then he was mostly streaming on Twitch and not actively playing in a professional team. Hooch is a CS veteran, playing since CS 1.6, leading several teams like VP, Begrip, MeetYourMakers, … His last “serious” professional team was Gambit in 2016. Apart from reaching 3rd place at World Electronic Sports Games 2017 he has no recent accomplishments. Most people know starix from his NaVi days, where he was a player in both 1.6 and GO versions of the game and later a coach for the CSGO team. Since departure in 2017, he has played for Team Spirit and K1ck, probably in a role of IGL. Starix, Kalinka and scoobyxie are all coming from the former K1ck line-up. I see no valid reasons for betting on Runtime. This will be their first professional match as a team, apart from Kalinka and scoobyxie, most of the players are old veterans that were either a coach or a stand-in player for a team with a sick/absent player. The CIS version of the NA Old Boys Club. I don’t expect them to win a lot of matches at the Minor and they certainly won’t get to go the Major in Katowice.

Now, let’s take a look at Winstrike. The core of the team was previously known as Quantum Bellator Fire, but they renamed to Winstrike in the early summer of 2017. A couple of months later they benched balblna, Kvik, waterfaLLZ and jmqa. After the London Major 2018, they acquired n0rb3r7 along with former FlipSid3 Tactics duo WorldEdit and wayLander, while Kvik was recalled to the starting line-up. Overall, they have a younger squad than Runtime, WorldEdit and wayLander can be consider as veterans as they were also present in Source, Boombl4 and Kvik should have enough experience now as they attended two majors, n0rb3r7 is only 17 years old but he could become the next star player in this team. As mentioned before, the previous core of this team was once known as QBF and they were that kind of a team that can surprise bigger teams with aggressive playstyle, but may fall short against tier 2 and tier 3 teams or get “antistrated” once team analysts started looking their VODs. Their team is not exactly loaded with talent and firepower, but they should be skilled enough to beat Runtime.

We had a bet on Winstrike at 1.985 on Pinnacle and a couple of bets at odds higher than 2.00 at some of the more “esports oriented” bookmakers, but anything over 1.90 is a good value to bet on them. You can get at least 2.00 or more at some bookies, but 1.925 at Pinnacle is enough. To be honest, I am quite surprised that Runtime are considered favourites here, I expect to odds to completely switch at the end, as Winstrike look like the better team. If you are willing to speculate on the odds movement, you can bet at 2.05 on Winstrike at EGB and later try to bet at the same odds on Runtime.

Prediction: Winstrike to win
Odds: 1.925 Pinnacle