Renegades v FlipSid3 – Eleague

Renegades v FlipSid3

ELEAGUE is finally back this week with the Last Chance Qualifiers. Do Aussies even stand any chance against FlipSid3, who have finally earned their legendary status at the mayor?

RNG recently went thru some mayor roaster changes, dropping their game leader Spunj. I can only see this as a good thing, as he was really holding back the Australian team. His poor LAN performances and toxic attitude was not something he should be proud of. Anyway, he was replaced by Richeh and hopefully he will be a better addition to the team. He knows how to play with AWP and surely they will try to build around that. RNG are becoming to be known as a team that never gives up, as we have seen previously in Eleague against Luminosity, as they managed to resist them even in OT.

They were looking good at the mayor in Cologne, beating Ninjas In Pyjamas in BO3 and finally earning their legendary status for the next mayor tournament. Their team is led by their in-game leader B1ad3 and is supported by amazing firepower of WorldEdit and Markeloff. The only thing that prevents me from betting on them to win in two maps, is their fatigue. The mayor in Cologne ended only a couple days ago, and they will have to fly to USA just to play this tournament on LAN. There is a possibility that they will feel a bit of jet lag and this could have a huge impact on their match!

Renegades: jks, AZR, yam, USTILO, Rickeh
FlipSid3: WorldEdit, B1ad3, markeloff, wayLander, Shara

There is no doubt that FlipSid3 is the better team in this match-up, but the Aussies have their time to study their strategies and be prepared for them. I believe that RNG have enough firepower to take at least a map from FlipSid3.

Prediction: Renegades +1.5
Odds: 1.608 Pinnacle