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Current results (updated weekly, more leagues and other sports results will be added soon)

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Golf(from August 2017 onwards): Download excel file

Other results coming soon!

Results in 2017 (till September, before we started sending out all sports and system bets)

results 2017

A total of 36.62 Units of profit, 689 soccer bets, 143 tennis bets, 80 eSport bets, 14 basketball bets, 11 MMA bets, 6 F1 bets, 5 NCAAF bets and 4 bets during Eurovision. 3.85% ROI on Asian markets and exchanges.

Results in 2016

results 2016

A total of 36.41 Units of profit, mostly soccer bets, along with 37 NFL bets, 33 eSport bets, 28 basketball bets 7 tennis bets and 6 F1 bets. 7.05% ROI on Asian markets and exchanges.


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