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During the World cup 2018, we have sent out 26 predictions. 8 of those were outright (golden boot) predictions, whereas the other 18 covered the matches.

We did not cover those results in our soccer section, but rather decided to cover World cup predictions separately.

In total, our predictions ended with 57.7% win rate, 25.24 units of profit and 81.4% ROI.

For our predictions, we used 4 bookmakers; Pinnacle (9 predictions), Bet365 (8 predictions), SBOBET (7 predictions), and Dafabet/12Bet (2 predictions). Same as with EuroBasket, we won’t be showing the results in graphs, as it wouldn’t add any additional information.

Much like EuroBasket 2017 tournament, even monthly performance is not relevant, as the tournament as a whole did not last a prolonged time period.

EU & UK Soccer

We have started covering Soccer matches on 1st of January 2016, and have been doing so ever since. During that time period, we have sent out a total of 2127 bets, covering most of the EU Leagues. In this betting report, we won’t be dividing results into leagues we covered, but rather look at the results from all the leagues combined. Keep in mind, we are not covering other non-European leagues in this part of the report.

In total, up until 1.2.2019, our predictions ended with 50.8% win rate, 44.01 units of profit and 2.1% ROI.

9.9.2016 – 1.2.2019
Win Rate52,2%51,6%49,2%47,5%50,8%
Profit/Loss11,4 U32,26 U7,68 U-3,0144,01 U

Out of 2127 bets, 152 resulted in a push.

Rest of the World Soccer

In this section we covered the following leagues; MLS, Japan J1 League, Japan J2 league, AFC Champions League, Brazilian Serie A, Argentina Primera Division, K1 League, Turkish league and Australian A-League. We will not divide our report by leagues due to a large amount of them, but rather look at the results from all of the mentioned leagues combined, as we did for European soccer. We have started sending predictions for the mentioned leagues on 12th of December 2015, and are continuing doing so. At this point I must also mention, we will count the matches from 2015 under the 2016 year, as there were only 2 which were sent in the December of 2015. Up until now, there have been 499 predictions sent out.

In total, up until 1.2.2019, our predictions ended with 50% win rate, 29.90 units of profit and 6% ROI.

9.9.2016 – 1.2.2019
Win Rate59,5%51,1%43,8%66,7%50%
Profit/Loss5,11 U26,59 U-3,02 U4,93 U29,90 U

Out of 499 bets, 32 resulted in a push.

We have started betting on USA sports on 9th of September 2016. Since then, a total of 958 predictions were sent out. Those predictions were divided by sports as follows:

– 265 predictions of NBA
– 9 predictions of WNBA
– 230 predictions of NFL
– 122 predictions of NCAAB
– 302 predictions of NCAAF

In total, up to 1.2.2019, our predictions ended with 52.1% win rate, 49.16 units of profit and 5.1% ROI.

9.9.2016 – 1.2.2019
Win Rate61,90%51,4%52,1%35,7%52,1%
Profit/Loss12,64 U13,95 U26,34 U-3,77 U49,16 U

Out of 958 bets, 30 resulted in a push.

We have started sending out Tennis tips in 2016, however, up until the end of 2017/start of 2018, the sample size of verified tips is too small for it to be relevant for us to cover here. So, we will focus on tips starting on 29th of December 2017 until February 1st 2019. At this point I must also mention, we have a very selective approach when it comes to picking tennis predictions, thus we do not send out as many predictions as we could. As of now, we are covering ATP and WTA tournaments. In the time period from December 2017 till 1.2.2019, we have sent out 154 predictions,

In total, our predictions ended with 43.8% win rate, 11.05 units of profit and 7.2% ROI.

29.12.2017 – 1.2.2019
Win Rate38,5%45%33,3%43,8%%
Profit/Loss-3,79 U17,43 U-2,59 U11,05 U

Out of 154 bets, 1 resulted in a push.

We started with golf betting in 2010, however, the bets that are verified start on 27th of September 2017, so we will only cover the predictions from 27th September 2017 up until now.
As of now, we are still sending out predictions during PGA/LPGA, Champions Tour, Ladies European Tour and European Tour. In total, we have sent out a total of 213 predictions (that were verified).

In total, our predictions ended with 11.7% win rate, -5.01 units of profit and -1.7% ROI.

27.9.2017 – 1.2.2019
Win Rate17,6%13,4%0%11,7%
Profit/Loss16,3 U5,69 U-27-5,01 U

We have been betting Snooker for several seasons, however, we will only cover 2018 season up to 28th of October in this report, as none of the previous seasons are verified by SBC.

Looking at 2018 season, the first prediction was sent on the 2nd of July. Up until 1st February 2019, we sent out 101 predictions, covering 8 events.

In total, our predictions ended with 50.6% win rate, 6.15 units of profit and 7% ROI.

12.12.2015 – 1.2.2019
Win Rate46,5%46,5%
Profit/Loss2,55 U2,55 U

Out of 10 events, European Masters 2018 proved to be the most profitable with 5.28 units of profit, followed by International Championship 2018 with 3.44 units of profit. Indian Open 2018 ended with 2.87 units of profit, Riga Masters 2018 was close behind with 2.02 units of profit.

Shanghai Masters 2018 ended with 1.27 units of profit and the World Open with 0.78 units of profit. On the other hand, China Championship 2018 and Paul Hunter Classic 2018 ended in red, with -1.36 and -3.18 units, combining 4.54 units lost.

Despite a poor run in China Championship 2018 and Paul Hunter Classic 2018, we are still sitting at 11.12 units of profit so far in this season. In total, with 67 predictions, our results are as follows; 54.5% win rate, 11.12 units of profit and 14.5% ROI. XXXXXXX

As far as cycling betting goes, we have only covered Tour de France 2018. Looking forward, we might cover more events, but being that we do not offer a separate subscription for cycling due to low demand, we currently have no plans on doing so. Anyhow, if we decide to cover more cycling events, we will inform our customers regarding our decision. Keep in mind, we will be covering Tour de France 2019, as it’s a well-known and widely popular event in the sports world. As mentioned, we will only focus on the Tour de France 2018 race, as it’s the only cycling event we covered thus far.

During Tour de France, we sent out 68 predictions, which were divided into;
– 67 stage predictions
– 1 outright prediction

Out of all the predictions, we saw the most success in 14th Stage of the race, with 23 units of profit, with 33.3% win rate and 575% ROI. Closely behind was the 9th Stage, with 20 units of profit, 20% win rate and 400% ROI. The least profitable stage was the 6th Stage, with 6.5 units in red, with 0% win rate and -100% ROI. Despite most of the Stage bets being in red, we more than compensated the loss with 14th and 9th stage (43 units of profit combined).

In total, our predictions ended with 19.1% win rate, 10.45 units of profit and 15.5% ROI.

For our predictions, we used 2 bookmakers; Pinnacle (32 predictions) and Betfair (40 predictions).

We will not be showing “profit per month” graph as it offers no additional information, due to only 1 event (Tour de France) being covered. However, we will add a “profit per stage” graph to show how our predictions performed in each individual stage.

Looking at how our predictions performed for each stage; 14th stage proved to be the most profitable, with 23 units of profit. 2nd best stage, profit wise was 9th stage with 20 units of profit.

As for other profitable stages, 3rd (0.6 units of profit) and 4th (0.89) were the only 2 which saw green numbers. However, with the superb result in 14th and 9th stage, we ended the event in the green (10.45 units of profit).

In our predictions we also had 1 outright bet, which failed short, thus resulting in 1 unit loss.

As a part of eSports, CS:GO is one of the most popular sports in the industry. With its popularity among players, bettors like us also saw an opportunity to specialize in CS:GO betting, due to a fairly large market for it. We, as BP Team have started sending out tips for CS: GO back in March 2016. Since then, we sent out a total of 139 predictions, covering a wide range of events, but we focus only on major ones, which take place approximately 2 times a year.

In total, looking at all the predictions from 2016- February 1st 2019, we ended with;

60% win rate, 26.92 units of profit and 18.8% ROI.

For our predictions, we used 4 different bookmakers, with the majority of odds picked from Pinnacle; Pinnacle (135 predictions), Bet365 (13 predictions), SBOBET (4 predictions), Dafabet/12Bet (3 predictions).

With our team covering 2017 EuroBasket tournament, we have decided to show the performance of it separately instead of implementing the results under “basketball” section. During the tournament we sent out 15 predictions.

In total, our predictions ended with a 60% win rate, 1.88 units of profit and 11.8% ROI.

For our predictions, we used 2 bookmakers; Pinnacle (13 predictions) and in lesser extend SBOBET (2 predictions).

We won’t be showing results in graphs, as we don’t find it necessary for adding any additional information to the statistics we showed above; win rate, profit and ROI. The fact that the tournament lasted during 1 month (September) it would be pointless to “divide” our performances in different months. Same goes for showing statistical performance per year.

Horse racing is another sport we cover separately. Much like golf, we have started betting on horse racing way back, but our bets are verified only since 15th of September 2017. So, in that regard, we will only talk about bets sent out from 15th of September 2017 till February 1st 2019.

As of now, we have covered a wide range of horse racing events, from UK, IRE and a few from the US. Since 15th of September 2017 up until now, we have sent out a total of 525 bets.

In total, our predictions ended with 18.3% win rate, 51.70 units of profit and 9.7% ROI.

For our predictions, we used 2 bookmakers; Bet365 and Matchbook. Bet365 was picked most frequently (426 predictions), whereas Matchbook only saw 98 predictions.



Other Sports and Additional Information

Sports and/or services we no longer cover:

NASCAR; mostly due to negative results, no significant interest from subscribers to continue

MMA; positive results over the course of 3 years, 8% ROI, we will still cover some “bigger” matches for free on our website

NCAAB; 122 bets, +8.96 Units, 7,1% ROI, 51,6% win rate

WNBA; +0.71 Units (9 bets), we will still provide predictions for free on our website.

Eurovision; a one-time thing, small loss (4 bets, 50% win rate, -0.76 units)

Dota2: Only one Major tournament covered, a little over 1 unit of loss overall

Despite the successful betting performance in 4 of the »retired« sports, we have decided to reduce the number of sports we cover and those did not make the cut.

You can also check out our 2016-18 Premium Report in PDF.

Tipster Universe on our service from 2016: PDF Report

Our Membership Guidelines for the 2019: Service Guidelines 2019

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