Pure Michigan 400 Race Preview – NASCAR

Pure Michigan 400
This time around, NASCAR goes racing in Michigan, for Pure Michigan 400.


The Chase is just around the corner, with only 4 more races to go. As for the Sprint Cup races, things are heating up. We have witnessed the drivers in first run out of gas, thus being passed by other competitors.

On 28th of August, Michigan International Speedway will host its second race of the season at the track Pure Michigan 400. Let’s hope this time around, the drivers will not run out of fuel on the 2 mile track.  At the last race at Watkins Glen, Joey Logano won, after Kevin Harvick ran out of gas in the last lap. It’s a bitter way to lose the match, but it’s a part of the sport. With the win Logano strengthened his position as one of the favourites as The Chase getting closer. With Logano being a favourite to win the championship, we could say the same for Harvick and Busch.
Busch, being one of the favourites to win the championship has proven, he knows the track in Michigan well, as he has won the first one held at this venue. In previous race (Watkins Glen) he also achieved a good result, finishing in top 5. So I would watch out for his in the upcoming race.



Joey Logano

We keep mentioning him as a favourite, and for a reason. This Summer just might become much better for him, if he continues with his performances. He is a dominant racer and achieving the championship title is in his grasp. He is performing well from race to race, and even won the race in Watkins Glen, with some help of Harvick, who used all his fuel before finishing the race. He has to like his chances at Michigan, as he has won here before, in addition he is on a roll, which will surely help him.

Kyle Busch

He has already secured his spot in The Chase, and he deserved it. He is writing one of the best stories in NASCAR. The No. 18 driver, who has missed most of the early part of the season due to leg injury could end his career just there, but he refused to do so. It paid off, when he won 4 out of 5 races, which gave him a huge opportunity to get his spot in The Chase and of course the championship title. Last race gave him 2nd spot, behind Logano. On Sunday we can surely expect him to compete for the 1st place against Logano and Harvick.

Kevin Harvick

He belongs in the same basket as Logano and Busch, with his dominance this year. 15 top-5 finishes and 19 top-10 are not something to be taken lightly. Those performances juts might bring him one of the best seasons on record. Despite failing to win since Phoenix, he has still made sure to stay in the competition, and proven everyone he is in it to win it. He already has a win at Michigan, which does improve his chances. So look out for him on Sunday.



Clint Bowyer

11 top-10 finished in 19 races is a good result. The veteran was very fast at this venue in June, finishing in solid 10th place. Given he can repeat his performance, the top-10 finish should not slip away from him.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

A veteran driver in NASCAR Sprint Cup series. He has proven Michigan to be one of his best tracks, here he snapped the two of his longest losing streaks of his career. He also is a driver with a lot of experience in NASCAR, with 27 wins and almost 250 top-10 finishes. He has the experience, the car and the team that can give him a good result. Top-5 finish should be a realistic expectation for the upcoming race.

Matt Kenseth

Driving No. 20 Toyota Camry has been driving since 2000. In that time he has accumulated 37 victories and almost 300 top-10 finishes. We expect he can finish in top-3 or at least top-5 with his ability.


Brad Keselowski

He has had a decent performance at Watkins Glen, with top-10 finish. His performance is slowly improving so he will surely try to give his best and maybe win in Michigan. Last time, he raced here, Keselowski led the race for 6 laps, but in the end finished in 6th place.

It’s a home track of Wolverine state native Brad Keselowski. Ironically, he has yet to win at the “home” tracks. Despite all eyes being on Logano, Keselowski deserve some attention, with his recent strong runs. There is a “trend” at the moment, when drivers win at the tracks they had previously yet to claim. So in that regard, it would be a perfect scenario, if Keselowski got his win on Sunday. His 6th position finish in this venue, which came to an end early due to rain, we cannot know what could happen in the race went on. I believe Keselowski is highly motivated, racing at home and he could and I believe he WILL finish in a great position, a win is not out of the question. He is a driver I will happily watch on the track and I am sure he will not disappoint.