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Premium Review – November 2018

Premium Review – October 2018

Here we are, with one leg into December and November behind us. As promised, we will continue sending out our monthly betting recaps to our members, which will cover previous months betting performance. We do so, as we believe it will give better insight on our predictions to people who bet with us, in addition, it should help with tracking their bets and of course tracking how those bets performed. In November 2018, we send out a total of 177 predictions, which is 39 more than last month. This also includes 21 predictions for Alpine Skiing and 19 predictions for Ski Jumping. Those are covered separately on our Winter sports website, where we currently have open spots for new members until further notice.

With 177 predictions we covered: Soccer (45 predictions), NBA (12 predictions), NCAAF (18 predictions), NBL (9 predictions), NFL (19 predictions), Golf (20 predictions) and as previously mentioned Ski Jumping (19 predictions) and Alpine Skiing (21 predictions).

Out of all the sports/leagues covered the 3 most successful were:
– Golf; 15% win rate, 10.97 units of profit and 42.2% ROI
– NFL; 68.4% win rate, 8.41 units of profit and 42.1% ROI
– Soccer; 46.7% win rate, 2.09 units of profit, 4.3% ROI

On the other side, 3 of the worst performing sports/leagues were:
– NCAAF; 38.9% win rate, -2.97 units of profit and -15.6% ROI
– NBL; 33.3% win rate, -2.90 units of profit and -32.2% ROI
– NBA; 50% win rate, -0.03 units of profit and -0.3% ROI

Our Winter sports predictions performed as follows:
– Alpine Skiing; 47.6% win rate, 10.65 units of profit and 28.6% ROI
– Ski Jumping; 47.4% win rate, 3.49 units of profit and 11.6% ROI

The month of November looked to finish with a higher profit as it ended up, but we saw all of our bets except one missing in the last alpine skiing event of the month (-3 units), however, we are still happy with our performance this month. Most of our best performing sport was Golf, where we hit a bet with high odds (20.25 odds) in addition to great performance in winter sport betting. Still, we are not particularly happy with our Soccer performance as we hoped we would finish this month with higher profits. Nonetheless, we are still continuing with a steady profit in both NFL (8.41) and Soccer (2.09).

As already predicted in previous months recap, we managed to turn our poor performance of our golf bets upside down. After last month ending in -12.75 units, we hit a 20.25 bet on Danny Lee »to place«. His 2nd place had a bitter taste to it, as he was extremely close to winning the Mayakoba Golf Classic 2018 event (odds of 81.00), still, we can not complain too much. In addition, we won a bet on Phil Mickelson to win the Showdown at Shadow Creek, which was one of the biggest, if not the biggest golf event of the year. Snooker, on the other hand, is still in negative after finishing another month in the red (-0.6 units). But the same principle applies here, a good month can turn those numbers around and we are positive we will manage to turn the -3.13 units into green numbers.

Looking at the month of November as a whole, we have sent out 177 predictions, covering 9 different sports/leagues.

The month of November saw the following results: 43.8% win rate, 29.11 units of profit and 13.9% ROI.


Month of December

Looking towards the next month, we won’t be adding any new sports to our subscriptions, as we have just recently started covering Alpine skiing as well as Ski jumping, both with very good results; 28,4 units of profit in 44 predictions. Our goal for the next month is to improve our results in NBA, which saw 0.03 units in red in November, as well as NCAAF and NBL results, which both brought us almost 3 units of lost profit. At the end of November, we have also added something for the daily visitors of our website. On our homepage you can find a banner which will direct you to Free daily horse racing predictions, alternatively, you can follow this LINK. As the name suggests, we will be posting 1 free horse racing prediction every day. Keep in mind those are not a part of our premium subscription, but rather something for our visitors of the website.


Esport betting website – shut down

In the early September, we have launched our esports website, which covered 4 CS: GO tournaments. Sadly due to some technical issues with the website, it has become too much of a problem to maintain it. After several failed attempts to fix it, we have decided to rather pull the plug on it and focus on an alternative or start building another one. However, the rebuilding process will take some time, due to all the work needed; which includes building the website from scratch, inputting all the lost data and of course the testing period before we release it to the public.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding. We will try our best to get the new site running as soon as possible and we believe you will be satisfied with our final version of esports portal. All premium members have been refunded!

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