Phoenix Suns v Memphis Grizzlies – NBA

Phoenix Suns v Memphis Grizzlies - NBA

Phoenix Suns are coming into this fixture with a 3 game losing streak behind them. Minnesota (111:112) and Denver on 2 occasions (127:120) (112:123) both proven to be too strong for Phoenix. Looking further, Phoenix has not been playing well in the past 10 games, as they have won only 3 of them. At the moment, Phoenix sits at 15th position in the West and with their performances they will not be moving anywhere soon. In the recent match, Suns had another go against Nuggets only this time at Talking Stick Resort Arena. Despite playing at home, Suns again lost (112:123). In fact the result was even worse compared to the previous match-up between Suns and Nuggets at Pepsi Center (127:120). Despite the defeat, match started with a 11 point lead by Suns (33:22), which was reduced to only one point lead in the 2nd quarter. Going into 3rd quarter, Nuggets stepped on the gas and outscored Suns by 14 points (22:36). Last 12 minutes did not offer anything surprising, as Suns weren’t able to close the gap and once again lost in front of their own fans. Statistic wise, Suns shot 45.1%, had 10 turnovers and 9 steals. Nuggets shot a bit better, wth 48.8%. On the other hand Nuggets had more turnovers (14) and less steals (7) compared to their opponents. Top scorers: Bledsoe (41pts), Gallinari (32pts) and Booker (23pts).

Today’s visitors are Memphis Grizzlies, who are coming from a win against Utah Jazz (95:102). Currently they sit in 7th position in the West with a record of 28-21. Form wise, they are not in the best spot, neither in a exceptionally bad one. In the past 5 games Memphis won 3 games against Kings (107:91), Raptors (101:99) and Jazz (95:102), on the other side the failed to do the same against Houston Rockets (95:119) and Trail Blazers (112:109). Looking back at the match against Utah Jazz, Memphis were 1 point behind by the end of first 12 minutes, but soon showed Jazz how dangerous they can be with a (16:26) 2nd quarter, thus going into 2nd half with a 9 point lead. Next 2 quarters did not offer any surprising changes on the score board. Jazz managed to outscore Grizzlies in 3rd quarter by 3 points(31:28), but ended the last quarter 1 point behind (21:22). Statistic wise, Memphis shot 51.3% from the field and had 7 turnovers and 8 steals. Jazz shot worse, with 46.8%FG, with 13 turnovers and 3 steals. Top scorers of the match were as follows: Randolph (28pts), Conley (23pts) and Hood (20pts).


Verdict & Prediction

Neither of these two teams showed anything surprising lately, but for me 1 teams is in a worse position than the other. That is Phoenix Suns. Suns are currently on a 3 game losing streak which surely does not help with their low morale, in addition it seems as home court advantage is not really a thing to consider when Suns play at home. With a record of 6-14 at home they come out as the worst home team in the West. On the other hand Grizzlies are ranked 6th best away team in the West (12-12). In my opinion, Memphis should come out of this one as a winner. But because this could come out as a close match I am giving Memphis 4.5 points advantage.

Prediction: Memphis Grizzlies +4.5 points
Odds: 2.14 Pinnacle


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