Phoenix Suns v Denver Nuggets – NBA

Phoenix Suns v Denver Nuggets - NBA

We hit both of our NBA predictions yesterday, we had a bet on Philadelphia 76ers + 7 points and a bet on Sacramento Kings +5 points. We have already posted a prediction for the match between Minnesota Timberwolves and Brooklyn Nets. If you are serious about sport betting, you should check out our premium subscription, you can read all about it here : Premium Newsletter in 2017

Two teams from the Western Conference will battle it out at Talking Stick Resort Arena, with Nuggets hoping to repeat their success from Friday, when they were able to defeat Suns (127:120).

Phoenix Suns are not in the best spot this season, as they are sitting at 14th position in the West (15-31). Looking at their last 5 games, they have won only 2 games, which were against New York Knicks (105:107) and Toronto Raptors (102:115). On the other side, Cavaliers (118:103), Timberwolves (111:112) and Nuggets (127:120) proven to be too strong for them. The recent match for both of these two teams was between each other and Nuggets came on top as a winner. Today the only difference will be the arena they play in, with Mudiay still injured for the Nuggets. In the 1st quarter of the match Nuggets got a 6 point lead (25:29), which was soon lost, as Suns outscored Nuggets by 10 points in the 2nd quarter (22:32). 3rd quarter was again in Nuggets favour (39:31) and with that the lead once again shifted to the home side. Last 12 minutes did not offer anything too surprising, Nuggets added another 3 points to their lead which resulted in a 7 point win (127:120). Statistics wise, Suns had a 53.9% accuracy with their shots, 11 turnovers and 8 steals. Nuggets on the other side had a slightly worse shot accuracy (51.2%) with 12 turnovers and 5 steals.
Top scorers of the match were Jokic (29pts), Bledsoe (28pts) and Gallinari (25pts).

Nuggets are coming into this match with 2 game winning streak and will surely be hoping to extend it to 3. They are currently at 8th position in the West with a decent record (20-25). They still need to improve but as it seems they are on a good way to doing so. In the last 5 games, Nuggets came out as a winner 3 times against LA Clippers (123:98), Utah Jazz (103:93) and (previously mentioned) Phoenix Suns (127:120), on the other side SA Spurs (118:104) and Minnesota Timberwolves (111:108) proven to be too strong for Nuggets.


Verdict & Prediction

A game that has been played a day ago is a good indicator of how this one will play out. Of course, the home ground advantage shifted to Phoenix side, but to be fair, Suns are not the best team when it comes to home games. This season Phoenix Suns played 21 home matches and they own only 6, which makes them the worst home team in the West. With that in mind, Nuggets should not be too worried about the “advantage” Suns will have today and will most likely add another win to their record. Taking all that into consideration, a bet of Denver Nuggets +3 gives us good odds so that will be my pick for today.

Prediction: Denver Nuggets +3 points
Odds: 1.97 SBOBET