Orlando Magic v Chicago Bulls – NBA

Orlando Magic v Chicago Bulls - NBA

Orlando Magic are on a terrible run, winning only 2 games out last 10 played. 2 teams they were able to beat were Bucks (112:96) and Trail Blazers (109:115), however there were 8 teams too strong for them. In their recent match, Orlando lost to GSW (98:118). The game started with a 6 point lead by the visitors, but the margin was closed in the 2nd quarter by Orlando (28:22). So the 3rd quarter started fresh, both teams with 50 points on the score board. But that soon changed. GSW outscoring Magic by 18 points and getting a huge lead prior to the last 12 minutes. The lead of 18 points was just too much for Orlando to come from and they went on to loose another match. Final score (98:118). Orlando shot 43.8% from the field, with 12 turnovers and 9 steals. GSW shot better, with 47.2%FG, but they committed more turnovers (18) and had less steals (8). Top scorers; Curry (27pts), Payton (23pts) and Thompson (21pts).

Chicago Bulls hold a better record in the past games (5-5), but are not performing so good in away games (2-8). Prior to today’s match, Bulls won a close match against Sacramento Kings (102:99), which should not be that close in my opinion. The game started with a 3 point lead for the home side, which did not change in the 2nd quarter. In 3rd quarter we could see Kings scoring 1 point more that their opponents (20:21), so it would all come down to the last 12 minutes as a lead of 2 points is negligible. However, last quarter was no different as all past ones in a sense it was a close one (27:26). With Kings being unable to come back from 2 point lead, Bulls got their 1st win after 2 consecutive losses. Statistically, Kings shot better than Bulls 44%-41%. Bulls committed 11 turnovers and got 7 steals, Kings on the other side committed 9 turnovers and got 7 steals.


Verdict & Prediction

As mentioned before neither of the teams are performing exceptionally good in recent matches. But there is one thing that caught my eye. Orlando Magic will be without Fournier, Meeks and Wilcox, with Augustin’s appearance still being under a question. On the other hand, Bulls will have full squad available. Despite Orlando playing at home, they still seem to be a worse team for me in this match-up.

Prediction: Chicago Bulls -2
Odds: 1.86 SBOBET


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