NBA Rookie of the Year 2017-18

NBA Rookie of the Year 2017-18

NBA Rookie of the Year 2017-18

NBA Rookie of the year 2017-18 Betting preview and predictions

NBA season is closing in and with the Pre-season in full swing, we had a chance to see how rookies perform in their new teams in a completely new atmosphere that is the NBA. When we are talking about rookies, it’s only normal to ask yourself who will shine above others and take the Rookie of the year award of 2018. Today we will take a look at the top candidates and in our opinion the favourite to win the Rookie of the year award.


Lonzo Ball

First, let’s start off by looking at the favourite in many peoples eyes. Lonzo Ball. He is the most talked about rookie this season and that is for a reason. He is without the doubt an excellent player and Lakers rely on him to be their new big star, so we can expect he will play quite a lot of minutes and with an excellent team around him, he could shine this season. However, all the hype around him seems to me as exaggerated and media has a lot to do with that. The problem I have with Ball is that he struggles with mid-range shots, but we can surely expect he will work on that. As said before, he is a good player, and will most likely grow into one of the best players in the NBA but the question remains, will he be the missing piece in Lakers squad, or will the pressure get to him? For me, he is good, but not good enough to take ROY award.

– hype could increase his value over what he can really do
– without the doubt, he is an excellent player
– under high pressure, could be his demise
– he comes off as passive sometimes
– has an excellent team around him
– could be the missing piece for Lakers
– will most likely get to play a lot of minutes
– poor midrange shooting


Ben Simmons

Next up is “rookie” Ben Simmons. He is a rookie, but not really. The no.1 overall pick in 2016 NBA Draft has not played last year due to injury so that makes him a candidate for ROY, as he is technically still a rookie. The fact that he was a part of 76ers for the whole season gives him an advantage over other rookies. With all the rookies we simply can not know what to expect, because they have zero experience with the strongest league in the world, but Simmons has been learning and accumulating experience throughout the year. Not only that, but he has a lot of potential and talent, which is quite obvious as he was no.1 pick last draft. This year I expect 76ers to go a long way in the NBA and with the offence running through Simmons, he should play a big role in the current season.

– plays in the East (easier opponents compared to the West)
– 76ers will most likely get to Play-offs
– has not played last year, but accumulated experience
– with rookies we can not know what to expect, with him it’s different
– huge talent and potential
– the only thing “holding him back” is his teammates that could steal his spotlight; although offence will run through him


Dennis Smith Jr.

Dennis Smith Jr. is shining with his athleticism and we can already hear people comparing him to Derrick Rose when he was younger. He was the 10th overall pick, which could be much lower if he hadn’t had an injury, which “decreased his value”. Teams took notice of that, so picking could, on one hand, be a good decision, on the other hand, it could easily backfire if he suffers another injury. But, if he can avoid another injury he is an extremely strong candidate to win ROY. Dallas will most likely give him a lot of minutes, add the experienced staff, which will help him grow.

– highly athletic
– “next Deric Rose?”
– high pick due to injuries (torn ACL)
– injury prone; his career could suffer, if he can avoid injuries he will have an excellent season.
– he lands weird; could injure himself
– Dallas will give “him the keys”
– should have a lot of minutes
– once he gets into the rhythm he will blow up


Miloš Teodosić

This player might come off as a surprise, but hear me out. There is a reason why he was named Euroleague MVP in 2009-2010 and he is also known as “the best player to not play in the NBA” last season. He will be a great addition for the Clippers, with his high basketball IQ and superb passing. There is a possibility he won’t get over 30 min in a game, but he has proven time and time again he can put up big numbers in a small amount of time.

– should be getting a decent amount of minutes
– capable of putting up big numbers in a small amount of time
– good midrange shots
– fastball movement
– high basketball IQ
– Euroleague MVP, one of the best Euroleague players
– one of the best passers


Prediction 1: Ben Simmons
Odds: 4.00 Bet365, 3.50 Pinnacle

Prediction 2: Miloš Teodosič (Pinnacle alternative: Field)
Odds: 29.00 Bet365, 9.98 Pinnacle