NBA Player Performances Bets for 26.12.

NBA Player Performances Bets

Devin Booker (SG, Phoenix Suns)

In his second season of the career, Devin Booker averaged 19.3ppg, 2.9 trb and 3.2 ast in 29 games. With his 20 years he surely is a potential future star and a player worth watching. Booker is coming from 28ptg game against 76ers, but his great performances do not stop there. Looking at his last 3 games, Booker scored 69 points combined (23 per game on average), which is quite higher that his season average. It seems like he is in great form and in my eyes Houston are not a team that will be able to stop him. Looking at Houston ranking this season, they are ranked 18th in the league in defensive efficiency , letting the opponent score on average 106.1ppg. Comparing that to Philadelphia rank (letting opponents score on average 106.4ppg) we can clearly see teams are quite equal when it comes to defending the basket. With that in mind, I expect Booker to end the match with at least 22 points once more.

Prediction: Devin Booker Over 21.5 points

Ryan Anderson (PF, Houston Rockets)

Averaging 13.9ppg, 5.6trb and 1.0ast this season, Anderson must be happy coming from his season high 31 points against Memphis. The number of points is fascinating by itself, but add the factor that he scored 31 points against Memphis, at their home ground makes those 31 points much more valuable. Ryan Anderson performance was a shock for me and quite possibly for him also. After a game like that he surely does feel a morale boost, which will extend into the next match and maybe even further. As mentioned before, Houston are playing Suns in tonight’s matchup. Suns are not know for a good defence. Actually they are ranked 26th in the league, when it comes to defensive efficiency, letting their opponents score on average 113.6ppg. If you take all that into account we can expect Anderson to put up a high scoring performance once more. It probably won’t be as high as his last match, but him to scoring at least 15pts is a very likely scenario.

Prediction: Ryan Anderson Over 14.0 points

Otto Porter (SF, Washington Wizards)

Otto Porter is averaging 13.5ppg, 6.9trb and 1.4ast this season, which is quite better compared to his career average (8.3ppg, 4.0trb and 1.1ast). Looking at his last 3 games, he has scored 43 points combined, which results in an average of 14.3ppg. In his last game against Milwaukee Bucks, Porter scored 18 points (77.8%FG and 80% from 3pt line), but it was still not enough for Washington to win. The game ended in 123:96. Tonight we will see the same fixture, only to be played at Verizon Center in Washington. It’s not wrong to assume, Porter can end the match with double digits against a team he has done that once before. It seems as he has found a hole in Milwaukee’s defence and I expect him to use it to his advantage once more. Bet on Porter to end with walk off the court with more than 10 points.

Prediction: Otto Porter Over 10.5 points