NBA Player Performances Bets for 11.12.

NBA Player Performances Bets

Andre Drummond (C, Detroit Pistons)

Andre Drummond has proven himself in last 2 games against Charlotte Hornets and Minnesota Timberwolves. Against Hornets he has ended the game with team high 26 points, to which he added 20 rebounds and 1 assist, the following match against Timberwolves he yet again finished with team high 22 points and 22 rebounds. Looking at this season, Drummond is averaging 15ppg, 13.6 trb and 1.2ast. With the form he is showing at the moment he is surpassing his average rebound and point count by a lot. In the next match Pistons host Philadelphia 76ers in hopes to get their 2nd win in a row. 76ers have not shown much lately, with only 1 win in the last 9 games. Their problem is their efficiency on both ends of the floor. They especially lack in offensive end, as they are ranked the last in the league in offensive efficiency.  In the defensive department, they do not shine neither. With that in mind, this will be a great opportunity for Drummond to extend his great form.  Pick Andre Drummond to yet again finish the game with higher than his career average points.

Prediction: Andre Drummond Over 15.5 points


Courtney Lee (SG, New York Knicks)

New York Knick are facing LA Lakers, who are in a  terrible form, as they have failed to win their last 5 fixtures. Much of their losses are surely a result of their poor defensive performance, letting their opponents score an average of 110.7 ppg. They are ranked 3rd worst defensive team in the league and they need to work on that area if they fish to end the season with a respectable record.
Now to our pick. Courtney Lee is averaging 9.7ppg, 3trb and 1.9ast this season. Looking at his past 2 matches he averaged 11.5points, with 55% from 3pt line and 46% from the field. Lakers are terrible when it comes to protecting the paint and do not excel at preventing their opponents score from 3pt line, so this will Courtney Lee a lot of opportunities to yet again finish with double digits. I expect Lee to do so, so betting on over 9pts is a great pick.

Prediction: Courtney Lee Over 9 points


Gerald Henderson (SG, Philadelphia 76ers)

With this pick, we are focusing on Detroit Pistons vs. Philadelphia 76ers match once again. As mentioned before, Philadelphia 76ers are not in a good spot at the moment and same can be said for Gerald Henderson. He is averaging 9.5ppg, 2.8trb and 1.4ast per match this season. But in the past 2 matches he has failed to score more than 5 points (7 combined). Even if we take a look at games prior to those 2, he has not showed much, averaging 7 points in last 6 games. Thinking he can improve his scoring in the next game is not likely if you ask me. Detroit are a strong defensive team, ranked no.2 in the league this season. Scoring against them is a hard task for any team, as they have not let any team pass the 100 point mark for the past 5 games. Looking at their home games, this can be said for every match this season.

Prediction: Gerald Henderson Under 10.5 points