NBA Player Performance Prediction for 18.12.

NBA Player Performance Prediction

Rudy Gobert (C, Utah Jazz)

Rudy Gobert’s performances this season are spectacular. Looking at  his stats this season, they are better in all aspects compared to his career average. At the moment he is averaging 12ppg, 11.6trb and 0.9ast. His FG% went up from 59.2% to 67.7%. He has also drastically improved in his free throw percentage. This season he is scoring 68.8% of his free throws and even his coach took notice of that, who jokingly said Gobert might start taking technicals. Looking at his past 3 matches, Rudy averaged 15 points with 80%FG, but will he be able to repeat that in tonight’s match against Memphis?

Memphis are not that good when it comes to scoring points (97.2ppg), but they are good at one thing and that is protecting their basket. Grizzlies allow their opponents to score only 97.2ppg on average and are ranked as the best defensive team in the league. On Thursday they managed to stop Cleveland from scoring more than 85 points. If that tells us anything it’s that scoring against Memphis is a tough job. Especially scoring in the paint (36.5ppg).

Gobert had great games prior to that, but being how strong Memphis is in defensive end of the floor, I don’t believe Gobert will have a chance to shine. Bet on Gobert ending the match with single digits.

Prediction: Rudy Gobert Under 10 Points


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