Natus Vincere v Luminosity – MLG Columbus Grand Finals

Natus Vincere v Luminosity

Natus Vincere v Luminosity – MLG Columbus Grand Finals
April 3 2016, Columbus, 19:30 CEST


I am really impressed with NaVi, they haven’t lost a single map and they have been by far the best team of this tournament. Their only problem right now is Guardian and if they want to win this tournament, he really needs to step his game, though as he mentioned he’s had an injury and therefore can’t perform like before.

Luminosity didn’t have any problems in the groups, they took down mousesports, NiP and out of form VP, but against Liquid, they played really sloppy and it somehow looked like they woke up when Liquid reached 15 and the way LG came back is just impressive, the biggest comeback in major history. But again, something like this should never happen when you are playing against a team like Liquid. If they get behind 6-15 against Navi, they will lose the game. Sure, LG’s comebacks were impressive, but if they play like they did against Liquid, then they will have a hard time beating Navi here.

There has been some H2H matches between these two teams and the last two games LG managed to come out on top, but this was mainly because Guardian wasn’t performing well. Every single time Guardian did perform well Navi completely outclassed them. As mentioned before, Guardian is currently under-performing and if he doesn’t step up in the finals, Edward and Flamie will have a lot of work to do against LG. But on the other side, Luminosity didn’t look too good so far this year and even if Guardian doesn’t step us his game, I still think that NaVi can do this.

While both teams have similarities such as explosive AWPers, well-coordinated pushes, and well-drilled discipline, each team also has idiosyncratic specialities on maps and in execution styles that are particular to their region and to their brand of CS. I expect a close finals, with NaVi eventually winning the series.


Prediction 1: NaVi to win
Odds: 1.54 Pinnacle/SBOBET

Prediction 2:  Over 2.5 Games/Maps
Odds: 1.85 Bet365 (you can find better odds on Fanobet)


Probable line-ups:
NaViseized, Edward, Zeus, flamie, GuardiaN
Luminosity: coldzera, fnx, Fallen, fer, TACO