Minnesota Timberwolves v Memphis Grizzlies – NBA

Minnesota Timberwolves v Memphis Grizzlies - NBA

Minnesota Timberwolves are currently on a two game losing streak. They have been defeated by Cavaliers (125:97) and Detroit Pistons (116:108) prior to tonight’s match. Looking further, they have won 2 games in the last 5 matches they played. In addition to previous mentioned losses, Timberwolves also lost to Indiana Pacers (112:109), on the other hand, they won against Nets (129:109) and Magic (111:105)(OT). Now they will be hoping to end their losing streak with a win at Target Center, Minneapolis. The last match against Pistons did not start well for Timberwolves, as they were down by 6 points by the end of first 12 minutes. They did manage to reduce the gap to 1 point before heading into locker rooms, but sadly underperformed in 3rd quarter, thus letting Pistons get a 7 point lead prior to last quarter. In the last quarter, both of the teams performed fairly equal (33:32), so Minnesota in the end left the court with another loss to their name. Statistics: 44.9% accuracy for Pistons, with 10 turnovers and 7 steals to their name. Minnesota shot better, with 49.4% and had accumulated 13 turnovers and 5 steals. Top scorers of the match: Morris Marc. (36pts), Towns (24pts), Leuer (24pts).

Memphis Grizzlies did not fare well in their recent match against Oklahoma City Thunder, as they lost by 12 points. It sure is a frustrating thing to lose a match after being in a 3 game winning streak, but they do have a chance to get back on track tonight. Looking at Grizzlies form, they have won 3 games out of last 5 against Jazz (95:102), Suns (96:115) and Nuggets (99:119), on the other side, they were not able to do the same against Portland (112:109) and previously mentioned Oklahoma City Thunder (114:102). All in all, Memphis is 6th in the West with a record of 30-22 (0.577). The match against Oklahoma City Thunder started with a 3 point lead of Grizzlies by the end of 1st quarter. That soon changed with Oklahoma taking over 2nd quarter (37:25), thus going into 2nd half with 10 point lead (58:48). 3rd quarter was a completely different picture compared to 2nd quarter. We could see Memphis outscoring Thunder by 12 points so the lead once again shifter to Grizzlies favour. Weirdly enough last 12 minutes once again offered us a shift of the lead, with Oklahoma outscoring Memphis by 14 points (34:20). There are not a lot of matches like that and in my opinion those are extremely satisfying to watch. All in all last quarter was disappointing for Memphis, as they lost despite having a great opportunity to win their 4th game in a row. Statistics: Memphis shot 48.2% from the field and had 12 turnovers and 10 steals to their name. Oklahoma shot a bit worse, with 47.5% accuracy and had 20 turnovers and 7 steals to their name. Top scorers of the match: Westbrook (38pts), Gasol (31pts) and Conley (18pts).


Verdict & Prediction

These two teams have met each other once this season, with Memphis coming on top (93:71). Looking further down the history of matches played between these two teams it seems as a team that is playing at home usually wins the match. Will this be the case today? I don’t think so. Minnesota is not in the best form lately, in addition they will be missing Pekovic (who is sadly out of the game for the whole season due to the injury) and LaVine, Dunn and Payne still being under a question. Memphis on the other side does not have any missing players to be worried about. Despite their last defeat, I see Memphis as a better opponent today. Nevertheless, we could see a close match.

Prediction: Memphis Grizzlies to win
Odds: 1.85 Pinnacle


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