Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers – NBA

Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers - NBA

After yesterday’s successful prediction on Philadelphia’s match, we are back looking at 76ers in their quest to repeat their success from the 16th of January, when they defeated Bucks (104:113). We had three free winning previews on our website yesterday. Reading v FulhamOrlando Magic v Chicago Bulls and as mentioned before; Philadelphia 76ers v Los Angeles Clippers. Our premium users have already enjoyed a positive day with two winning eSport bets and we have also send out our MMA bets! If you are interested, you can check out our plan for 2017 here : Premium

Prior to today’s match, Milwaukee Bucks finally managed to win a game and they did so against Houston Rockets (127:114). It’s a nice win, especially if we take into consideration they were unsuccessful in the past 5 games. Winning a match after 5 consecutive defeats is surely a nice feeling and doing so against Houston gives even sweeter taste. But the question still remains, will they able to continue with good performances, or will Bucks go back to losing games? Taking a closer look at the match against Houston, Bucks went into the 2nd quarter tied on the score line (33:33). 2nd quarter continued to be another high scoring quarter, only this time slightly in home side favour (35:31). So before heading into 3rd quarter Bucks had a 4 point lead, which is not a lot but enough to stay calm and build on the advantage they accumulated. Sadly Bucks failed to impress in 3rd quarter. Houston outscored Bucks by 2 points (25:27) and with that got closer to levelling the score. This seemed as a wakeup call for Bucks who outshined Houston in the last 12 minutes, outscoring them by 11 points (34:23), thus securing the win. Quite frankly, Houston are not in the best of form lately, but that should not be an excuse to lose a match they arguably should win. Statistic wise, Bucks shot 58.8% from the field, committed 19 turnovers and had 17 steals. The visiting side shot 50.6% with 21 turnovers and 11 steals. Top scorers of the match; Antetokounmpo (31pts), Parker (28pts) and Harden (26pts).

Now for the visiting side, Philadelphia 76ers. Philadelphia is coming from a huge win against LA Clippers. Despite being a underdog and historically hardly ever winning against Clippers, they prove their worth with a 11 point win (121:110). Philadelphia had a bad start of the season, but recently they have been racking up wins, 7 out of last 10 games to be precise. If that is not a sign of a great form I do not know what is, and with wins like the one against Clippers morale should be through the roof. In the match against Clippers, 76ers did not start promising, as they were trailing by 9 points before the start of 2nd half (59:68). They needed to step up their game, and they did. Big time. In 3rd quarter 76ers outscored their opponents by 11 points (30:21) and if that was not enough, they went into the last 12 minutes in the same fashion, outscoring Clippers by additional 11 points. The win was not only surprising but also well deserved and I will gladly follow 76ers and their improvement as I see potential in that team.  As for the statistics show, 76ers scored half of the shots made (50%FG), committed only 5 turnovers and had 8 steals to their name. Clippers shot 46.5%, committed 17 turnovers and had 4 steals. Top scorers of the match; Crawford (27pts), Redick (22pts) and Rivers (20pts).


Verdict & Prediction

These two teams have played once this season (16th January), where 76ers came on top (104:113). Today I don’t see the match going any different as in 10 days there were no big changes, except of course the improving form of Philadelphia. Bucks on the other hand do not show any promising performances recently. Yes, they did win against Houston, but they also lost 7 games out of last 10 played. The only downside for Philadelphia are the missing players; Bayless, Embiid and Okafor.

Prediction: Philadelphia 76ers +10 points
Odds: 2.01 SBOBET, 2.00 Pinnacle