Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets – NBA

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets - NBA

Miami Heat still have not yet met a team that can stop them, as they are on a seven game winning streak. Prior to the winning rhythm, Miami had a lot of problems. They lost 13 games out of 15, which is disastrous, but now everything changed. Prior to tonight’s fixture Heat defeated Pistons with 13 points to spare (116:103). In that match, Heat slowly accumulated points from each quarter and ended the 4th quarter with 14 more points than Pistons (26:12) which put a nail in the coffin of Detroit. The game ended with a score of 116:103. Statistic wise, teams came out fairly equal as shooting accuracy goes. Miami heat shot 53.2%, whereas Pistons shot 51.7%. In addition Miami committed 13 turnovers and had 5 steals, Pistons committed 11 turnovers and had 7 steals. Top scorers of the match: Jackson (24pts), Dragic (23pts) and Ellington (19pts).

Brooklyn Nets do not need any more introductions as they are still crowned as the worst team in this NBA season. A record of 8-38 is a good sign of much needed improvements in the team. In the last 5 games, Brooklyn Nets lost to Hornets (112:105), SA Spurs (86:112), Miami Heat (106:109), Cavaliers (124:116) and Minnesota Timberwolves (129:109). Looking back at their recent match against Timberwolves, Nets came out behind in each quarter (33:26), (30:29), (29:23), (37:31) and of course lost. Statistic wise, Nets shot 48.2%FG, had 14 turnovers and 6 steals. Timberwolves shot better, with 51.1%FG, accumulated 11 turnovers and had 8 steals. Top scorers: Towns (37pts), Lopez (25pts), Wiggins (23pts).


Verdict & Prediction

Nets winning became such a rarity that it’s a surprise. It’s sad to see such a picture but that’s how it is. These two teams have met each other a few days ago, with Miami coming on top (106:109). It was surprisingly close match to say the least, but I do not expect it to be so close tonight. Miami is more than capable to defeat Nets tonight and they most likely will.

Prediction: Miami Heat -8.5 points
Odds: 1.97 Pinnacle