McGregor v Mayweather – MMA or Boxing ?

McGregor v Mayweather - MMA or Boxing ?

McGregor v Mayweather - MMA or Boxing ?

McGregor v Mayweather – MMA or Boxing?


By now everyone has heard about McGregor and Mayweather talking about fighting each other. Well, when 2 fighters as charismatic as those two start talking over each other it’s hard to stay unnoticed by the people and of course, the media have contributed to the recognition as well. In the end, it’s hard not to hear about a multimillion fight between a boxer and an MMA fighter.


Money” and “Irishman” have decided that they will face off at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on 10th of June, each taking home $100 million. Although the end payment will probably be much higher.


Floyd Mayweather has made his name in boxing with an astonishing record of 49 wins and 0 losses, which is a record he shares with the legend Rocky Marciano. Despite some fights being contravention in eyes of some, there are always have people who doubt that someone can be so successful. If he deserved all of those 49 wins is up to debate, but I am not here to talk about that.


Mayweather could easily stay in retirement and have his name in the books as one of the best fighters that ever lived, but he instead decided to come out of retirement and fight McGregor in one last fight, under a condition, they use boxing rules. This should greatly increase Mayweather’s chances to win as he is (as mentioned before) known to be one of the best boxers in the world and has “mastered his craft”. However, Mayweather should not underestimate McGregor just because they are fighting under his rules.


There have been some reports by media that Mayweather’s life changed since the retirement in a way you would expect from him with the money he has earned. Mayweather is reportedly a regular in nightclubs, which to be fair is exactly how I pictured his retirement would look like. However, the fight was announced to take place on 10th of June so he has more than enough time to train and get back in shape.


McGregor has proven time and time again he is a born fighter and he is currently holding 2 titles for 2 weight divisions. Let’s touch the fact he will fight under boxing rules against a professional boxer. Well, that might not be as bad as it first comes off. The Irishman’s boxing is known to be his best element in his fights, with many of his wins coming from his strong left hand K.O.s.
In addition, McGregor has an excellent team which prepares him for the fights. One factor that will work in his favor is that he has more than enough time to break down every fight Mayweather fought and find his weakness and there is A LOT of material he needs to go through.


In conclusion, it’s a fight most everyone will watch, not just because two of well-known fighters fight each other, but also because it’s an MMA vs. Boxing match. However, the hype is too big in my opinion (as it usually is with everything). This could easily be a boring fight, due to the reason that despite both fighters having a huge ego off the ring, they certainly do not show it throughout the fight and that’s one of the reasons they are so successful. Mayweather will most likely respect McGregor’s strength and his longer reach and we can expect him to wait for his chance to strike.


Those chances will present themselves more frequently as the fight progresses, so an early finish is not likely to happen. But don’t take my word for it, the beauty of any sport is that anything can happen. A simple mistake from any of these two fighters can cause them to lose in a heartbeat. Calling out a winner here is close to impossible as many factors need to be studied before deciding who has a better chance. The fact that McGregor won’t fight under the rules he is used for, neither will he use the gloves he usually does etc. could easily make a big difference in the outcome. On the other side, he is younger and has more than enough time to practice.


So we will just have to wait and see which sport prevails, MMA or Boxing. Meanwhile, we can enjoy the trash talk between the fighters which will get more and more enjoyable as the fight closes in. There are currently no odds at any of the reputable Asian bookies, but if I would have to pick a winner, I would go with Mayweather!