LoL Worlds 2020 Group stage – Day 8 Betting Preview

LoL Worlds 2020 Group stage – Day 8 Betting Preview

LoL Worlds 2020 Group stage – Day 8 Betting Preview

LoL Worlds 2020 Group stage – Day 8 Betting Preview

The final round of the League of Legends World Championship group stage is here and BettingPreviews have returned to provide our readers with another set of free betting predictions. This Sunday, October 11, we will see the final six fixtures in Group D, where Top Esports and DRX will look to build on their success from the first rounds and lock in their tickets for the playoffs while trying to avoid upsets against the underdogs in Unicorns of Love and FlyQuest

Before we get into the final day of LoL Worlds group stage, we will briefly look back at our LoL Worlds 2020 Day 7 predictions. We have hit 3/4 of our predictions and came extremely close to ending the day with a perfect record – unfortunately, LGD spoiled our plans with their Nexus rush shenanigans.

Now let’s take a look at our predictions for the eighth and final day of League of Legends World Championship Group Stage.


FlyQuest vs DRX

FlyQuest will meet with DRX on the Summoner’s Rift in the opening match of the day, where the North American squad will look to improve upon their performance last time they met the Korean squad.

Last time out, DRX secured a convincing win over FlyQuest with 13-6 in kills and a massive 13.6k gold lead. The main actors in DRX’s win that day was ADC Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu who ended the match with a perfect 6/0/6 score and 21k DMG, while FlyQuest’s ADC Jason “WildTurtle” Tran struggled to deliver and ended the game with 0/3/4 record and only 6.9k DMG.

It was not, however, only the bottom lane that struggled. That game clearly showed that DRX’s individual pieces are significantly stronger than FlyQuest’s and we don’t expect that to change here.

FlyQuest’s performances this tournament were rather lackluster and while they won one game (against Unicorns of Love), it was far from a convincing win. The only solid player – or better said player that has shown up – is their mid laner Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage but even he is not up to par with the likes of Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon, who is one of the best mid laners in the world.

One thing to note about FlyQuest is that they’re not afraid to fight if given a chance (9.7 kills/game), however, they clearly struggled to secure kills against Group D top dogs seeing how they failed to break double digits against both DRX (6 kills) and Top Esports (7 kills).
Upsets are definitely a common occurrence at Worlds but they’re usually produced by teams with high variance playstyle, which is not a characteristic of FlyQuest. Much like LCK teams, FlyQuest tend to play at a slower pace, which won’t do them any favours against a much stronger team, so we don’t expect any surprising results.

We have to consider, however, that DRX are notorious for poor drafts. Although they had fairly solid drafts so far this tournament, we are still not convinced they managed to fix their issues. If we see DRX go back to their old ways and draft poorly, this match could turn out to be closer than expected, otherwise, DRX can easily end the game with nine kills to spare (-8.5 kills 1.862 at Pinnacle). No bet for us.

No Prediction


Top Esports vs Unicorns of Love

Arguably the most one-sided game of the day will see Unicorns of Love clash with the tournament favorites Top Esports. Unlike how we feel about the DRX vs FlyQuest match, however, this match could turn out to be much bloodier and exciting.

Unicorns of Love, unlike FlyQuest, are a much higher-variance team and are also the only team in this group which we believe is capable of causing an upset. Even though the Russian squad have yet to win a single match, they’re one of the most aggressive teams at worlds, which is seen in their average kills (12.7) and average deaths per game (22).

There is no denying UoL lack the individual quality to compete with Top Esports, but their playstyle which sees them run into their opponents time and time again until something breaks is the type of playstyle that is relatively hard to play against.

If we draw a line, Top Esports should win this bout, but we are not too excited about backing them on a -10.5 kill handicap (1.813). Last time out, Top Esports won with 12 kills to spare (27-15) and a massive 13.6k gold lead and while it’s fair to expect another commanding win from Top, there is no reason to believe UoL can’t put up a strong fight.

Pinnacle is offering 1.806 on UoL to secure at least eight kills which seems far too low considering what they have shown. Even though they managed only five kills against DRX, we have talked about before how LCK teams tend to slow down their games, whereas LPL thrives in chaotic and fast-paced fixtures and rarely do anything that would make the games slower. Expect another banger of a game.

Prediction: Unicorns of Love over 7.5 kills – 1.806


DRX vs Unicorns of Love

Last time out, DRX kept UoL at only seven kills and picked up 22 to produce a fairly one-sided bout that further solidified themselves as one of the strongest teams in Group D. At this point, it’s worth noting that DRX managed to walk away with the dominant win mostly thanks to their jungler Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon who ended the game with 13/1/6 KDA.

That is not to say the game could have ended in UoL’s favour had Pyosik not showed up the way he did, but it still played a major role in how dominant DRX looked.

We don’t expect an upset win despite our concerns with DRX’s drafts, since they’re individually much stronger than their Russian counterparts. UoL could potentially make DRX bleed if they manage to catch the Koreans off guard with a unique draft, but since DRX looked much more stable on the international stage compared to what they have shown in their domestic league, we are not a fan of betting against them.

Bookmakers did a fine job in setting the odds for this one and while the over 7.5 kills bet on UoL can be considered, the outcome of this bet would rely too heavily on the draft, which is why this is a no bet for us.

No Prediction


Top Esports vs FlyQuest

Last time out, Top Esports crushed FlyQuest with 19-7 in kills and a 14.1k gold lead. While we could look to point out the biggest differences in lanes, that would essentially mean we have to cover all five roles, since all five Top players finished well above FlyQuest’s in both damage dealt, KDA and farm.

Perhaps FlyQuest could have had a chance to make something happen had Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen performed better and while he, alongside PowerOfEvil are arguably the best player on FlyQuest, his showing so far this tournament were mediocre at most. The only game where Santorin looked somewhat decent was on Volibear (5.5 KDA) against Unicorns of Love, whereas he struggled against both DRX (1.7 KDA on Graves) and Top (0.8 KDA on Lillia).

FlyQuests’ K/D ratio sits at 0.6 with 9.7 kills and 16.7 deaths per game. If we look solely at their performances against Top and DRX, however, FlyQuest average 6.5 kills and 15.5 deaths per game (0.42 K/D). Top Esports, meanwhile managed 2.1 K/D ration with 20.3 average kills and 10.3 average deaths. Against UoL and FlyQuest, they have averaged 24 kills and 6 deaths per game. (4.0 K/D).

Top Esports on average claim 3.33 drakes per game while FlyQuest average only 1.67 drakes/game. It’s worth noting that Top lost the first drake against UoL and DRX, but they should not struggle with bottom lane priority in this matchup, so we can expect Top be in a good spot to secure the first drake.

Prediction: Top Esports -11.5 kills – 1.833 at Pinnacle

Prediction: Top Esports first drake – 1.534 at Pinnacle


Unicorns of Love vs FlyQuest

If their previous meeting is to go by, this match will be a complete coin-flip. While FlyQuest won the first bout, they did not impress nor were we impressed with what UoL have shown. A bet on Unicorns of Love could be considered but we are not ready to flip it.

No Prediction


DRX vs Top Esports

Even though there is definitely a chance DRX can win this bout, there is no denying Top Esports are a far more consistent team. Last time out, Top and DRX produced a fairly close match and there are arguments to be made DRX could have won if they did not draft Draven with Thresh into Tahm Kench and Senna.

DRX’s draft will be crucial here and if they can put together a solid team composition, we are ready to believe DRX can win, especially if Chovy manages to show up. That seems likely since Zhuo “knight” Ding has not been looking too good this tournament – compared to the expectation. DRX are priced way too high despite their high draft variance.

Prediction: DRX to win – 2.870 at Pinnacle


That concludes our LoL Worlds group stage coverage. We had a solid run-up to now and will hope to end the final day on a positive note. If you wish to receive LoL Worlds playoffs betting predictions, check back in a few days or join our BetMarkets or premium service, to receive predictions ahead of time.