LoL Worlds 2020 Group stage – Day 6 Betting Preview

LoL Worlds 2020 Group stage – Day 6 Betting Preview

LoL Worlds 2020 Group stage – Day 6 Betting Preview

LoL Worlds 2020 Group stage – Day 6 Betting Preview

As of today, the LoL World already has its first two quarter-finalists in Suning and G2 Esports, who fought their way through Group A and finished in first and second place respectively. This leaves only six more spots in the playoffs, two of which will be filled this Friday, October 9, after DAMWON Gaming, JD Gaming, Rogue and PSG Talon conclude their run through Group B.

We have hit 3/4 of our LoL Worlds 2020 Day 5 predictions, without the Team Liquid versus G2 Esports bout in which Liquid opted for quite an unusual Lulu top pick, which kept the game at a much slower pace than what we expected. There is, however, no use in crying over spilled milk, so let’s take a look at what awaits us tomorrow!


PSG Talon vs DAMWON Gaming

We have seen it before and we will likely see it again – DAMWON are by far a much stronger team that PSG Talon who we are giving zero to no chance of winning this bout. Even though upsets have definitely been the theme of this year’s Worlds, the quality gap here is so massive we feel comfortable saying DAMWON cannot lose this match.

Last time out DAMWON won the game in exactly 28 minutes and while they failed to accumulate a massive kill lead (15-7), they closed out the game with almost 13k gold lead, which only goes to show how much better the Koreans are.

Since this is a very one-sided bout, it would make sense to explore the kill handicap, but we are not too keen on that option. As mentioned before, the Korean teams rarely play aggressively like you would see from an LPL team. Their aggression is far more calculated meaning they instead look to punish their opponents rather than run them over.

This match could easily see DWG win with 20 kills to spare or under 10, so we have no real intention to bet on kill handicap. For the same reason, we are not too excited about the over/under market either.

No Prediction


Rogue vs JD Gaming

Despite Rogue’s undeniable quality, we are not too excited about their chances to win against China’s second seed JD Gaming. Like it’s the case with the DWG versus PSG Talon bout, we expect another blowout win for the favorites here, largely because JD Gaming are a level above Rogue in all elements of the game.

Last time out, JD Gaming crushed Rogue with 21-8 in kills and 14k gold lead. The Chinese squad needed just over 30 minutes to seal the deal and while it was not the fastest game of the tournament, it surely was one of the most one-sided.

Unlike what we said about LCK teams and their calculated playstyle, JD Gaming are the complete opposite in the sense that they look for every opportunity to run their opponents over. What makes them so dangerous, however, is the fact that they have the tools to play very aggressively and see a lot of success with it.

This sometimes backfires – as seen in their loss to DWG – but when faced against weaker sides, JD Gaming usually deliver with a bloody and exciting match. So far this tournament, JD Gaming have averaged 15 kills/game and 12 deaths, however, it’s worth noting that those numbers are a bit skewed since they managed only seven kills and gave up 25 deaths against DWG.

As for their bouts against PSG Talon and Rogue, JD Gaming produced on average 19 kills and gave up only 5.5 deaths. Most of JD Gaming’s kills came from the top lane, which was expected since Finn “Finn” Wiestål is the weakest played on Rogue, however, that is not to say other lanes held on well.

Rogue could make their top lane a bit more solid if they put Finn on tank duty – as they did against PSG Talon – but that does not take away from the fact that Rogue are outclassed in all lanes. We don’t expect any surprises here, which is why we have no problem siding with JD Gaming to win with at least nine kills to spare.

Prediction: JD Gaming -8.5 kills – 1.869


DAMWON Gaming vs Rogue

If Rogue manage to win this game, it will likely be the biggest upset win so far this tournament, however, we don’t expect to see it. Perhaps our view on this game could change if DAMWON massively underperforms against PSG Talon and if Rogue somehow manage to outshine JD Gaming, but again, it’s a highly unlikely outcome.

DAMWON are priced at only 1.131 to win this game, so it makes no sense to bet on them. At the same time, we are not too comfortable to side with DWG on the -9.5 kill handicap for the reasons stated in DWG vs Talon preview.

No Prediction


JD Gaming vs PSG Talon

PSG Talon are effectively a much weaker version of Rogue and even that is an understatement. Out of all teams at Worlds, PSG Talon average the least kills per game (3.3) and have the fourth-highest average death count (16.0), only behind FlyQuest (16.7), Machi (17.0) and Unicorns of Love (21.7).

JD Gaming, on the other side, averages the sixth-highest kill count per game (15.7) and ninth-lowest death count (12.0), but it’s again worth noting their death numbers are inflated due to their loss to DAMWON. Last time out JD Gaming crushed PSG Talon with a 17-3 kill score and +13.9k gold lead.

The last bout with JD Gaming and PSG Talon which took place on Sunday is the second-fastest game at 2020 LoL Worlds with only 23:27 minutes and since PSG Talon have shown no improvement since we expect another very one-sided affair.

Prediction: JD Gaming -10.5 kills – 1.847 at Pinnacle


That is all for our LoL Worlds 2020 Day 6 predictions. We are skipping the last two games of the day, since there is a lot that can happen in the opening four games which could change our view on how the games will play out.

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