LOL LCS Spring Week 5 – Day 2 Betting Previews and Predictions

LOL LCS Spring Week 5 - Day 2 Betting Previews and Predictions

LOL LCS Spring Week 5 - Day 2 Betting Previews and Predictions

LOL LCS Spring Week 5 – Day 2 Betting Previews and Predictions


Dignitas vs Golden Guardians
Saturday, March 6, 13:00 PST

I might sound like a broken record by now, but for the sake of this prediction I have to repeat myself – Golden Guardians are a bad team. With the way they’ve been playing, any bet against GG is a good bet in my book, and this one is no exception.

That said, GG are slowly showing some improvement and seem to have at least some idea how to play out their games, but they’re still way off. Perhaps we might see a better version of GG in the LCS Summer. For now, however, you just have to take Dignitas.

Although I feel a bit scared betting on a team like Dignitas, it becomes much easier to settle for this bet if I look at it as a bet against Golden Guardians.

Prediction: Dignitas to win – 1.309 Pinnacle


TSM vs 100 Thieves
Saturday, March 6, 14:00 PST

I was quite shocked to see TSM priced as high as they are against 100 Thieves. These are two of the top-four teams in the league, but I would argue TSM are playing much better LoL of late – or perhaps is it 100T who are playing worse. Either way, I expected TSM to be priced much closer to 1.80.

One thing I have noticed in 100T’s games was a lack of organization and I have already mentioned how much I don’t like Tommy “ry0ma” Le, and he hasn’t really done anything to change my mind yesterday. I’ll keep it as simple as possible – take TSM to continue their run and take down the shaky 100T.

Prediction: TSM to win – 1.840 Pinnacle


Cloud9 vs Team Liquid
Saturday, March 6, 15:00 PST

I firmly believe Team Liquid are much stronger than what their 8-5 record would suggest and are arguably Cloud9’s biggest competitor for the LCS Spring title.

Team Liquid enters this match as 2.09 underdogs which doesn’t seem quite fair. They’re at very least equal to Cloud9 if not better, if we were to compare these two sides individually and while most of the lanes seem fairly equally matched, TL have a much better top laner in Barney “Alphari” Morris who can singlehandedly win them this game if he gets ahead.

The public perception of C9 is that they’re by far the best team in the league, but the gap between them TL and TSM is not as massive, which both data and eye test can confirm. There are definitely arguments to be made in favor of C9, but at 2.09, I’m taking Team Liquid.

Prediction: Team Liquid to win – 2.09 Pinnacle


Evil Geniuses vs Immortals
Saturday, March 6, 16:00 PST

As talked about before, Immortals are a very unpredictable and inconsistent team that can easily lose to anyone. Usually, when I talk about volatile teams I also tend to add they “can win against anyone”, but that’s not necessarily the case with Immortals.

I still have hope this team can improve and find some stability, but as of now, I just can’t rank them much higher than Golden Guardians. With that in mind, we have seen IMT upset some bigger teams earlier this split and considering they are facing EG, I wouldn’t be too shocked if they manage another upset tonight.

While EG are objectively much stronger than IMT and should win this match more times than not, they are also a team that can beat themselves with their aggressive approach. With that in mind, it’s hard to find an argument to bet on EG when they’re priced as favorites.

Alternatively, an over 23.5 kills bet would be worth considering, since EG usually play out high-scoring games, but for this match to reach 24 kills, you need to see a few from the side of Immortals as well. I can imagine IMT putting up a solid fight and keeping this match tight, but I can also imagine a 15-0 victory for EG. Neither bet appeals to me – pass.

No Prediction


Counter Logic Gaming vs FlyQuest
Saturday, March 6, 17:00 PST

FlyQuest continue to struggle and slowly we must come admit that this team might not be as strong as we believed they would be. Like it’s the case with IMT, maybe FlyQuest will wake up in a couple of months, but for now, I want to stay as far away from this team as possible.

Counter Logic Gaming, on the other side, continue to rise and it seems like they’re getting better and better with each passing week. I expected some improvement once their full roster will have time to properly train and synergise, but I must admit they’ve exceeded my expectations.

Don’t get me wrong, CLG are still nothing more than a mid-table team, but they’re also nothing less than that. Against stronger sides, we might be a bit more sceptical about CLG’s chances to win, but against FlyQuest they should do more than fine.

Prediction: Counter Logic Gaming to win – 1.970 Pinnacle