LOL LCS Lock-in 2021 Round 4 Betting Predictions

LOL LCS Lock-in 2021 Round 4 Betting Preview and Predictions

LOL LCS Lock-in 2021 Round 4 Betting Preview and Predictions

LOL LCS Lock-in 2021 Round 4 Betting Preview and Predictions

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Lock-In tournament resumes on Friday, January 22 with the final five fixtures of the group stage before the playoffs begin. Here are our free esports betting previews and predictions for the LCS Lock-In Day four.

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Dignitas vs Cloud9
Friday, January 22 – 15:00 PST

Cloud9 have yet to impress this season and even though they had a fairly easy time facing the likes of disoriented FlyQuest and Immortals, C9 are simply not living up to the hype and the quality of the players they field. C9’s next opponents are Dignitas, who had some flashes of greatness against Evil Geniuses on Monday and while they ended up losing with almost a 10k gold deficit, Dignitas did not look all that bad – outside of some questionable decisions.

As a whole, C9 look very off sync and as already mentioned before, they come off as a worse version of C9 from 2020, although we will have to wait and see whether they can improve later in the LCS Spring.

If C9 don’t step up this match could be much closer than how it may seem, even though C9 field significantly better individual talent. I must say, however, that Dignitas’ mid laner Max “Soligo” Soong has done well against EG and is in my eyes doing much better than Perkz, however, I do hold Perkz at a higher standard.

I won’t bet on this match, but Dignitas +9.5 kills might be appealing to some.

Prediction: Dignitas +9.5 kills – 1.800 at Pinnacle


100 Thieves vs Golden Guardians
Friday, January 22 – 16:00 PST

100 Thieves enter this match off a fairly impressive win against Team Liquid on Sunday which secured them a spot in the playoffs and served as a nice bounce-back game following their shocking loss against Counter Logic Gaming. 100T are looking fairly sharp and if they continue playing with the same fire, I could imagine them reaching deep into the 2021 LCS Spring, largely because other top dogs are very shaky.

Golden Guardians, on the other side, are performing much better than initially expected, however, that does not necessarily mean they’re good. They definitely have the tools to make their opponents sweat, but it seems like they lack the needed experience and a proper shot-caller to carry them through the mid-late game.

Individually, 100 Thieves are stronger but we don’t expect to see any lane completely dominating the other. The top lane favours 100T, but only slightly, so it’s not like 100T will manage to win the game through Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho unless they put a lot of resources and time toward the top side.

I would consider backing GG to win, but I am a bit skeptical about their mid-late game decision making. Regardless, they should do fine for the early part of the game and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a tight match with plenty of kills on the board.

Prediction: Over 23.5 kills – 1.806 at Pinnacle


Evil Geniuses vs FlyQuest
Friday, January 22 – 17:00 PST

Evil Geniuses might look like the strongest team in the LCS Lock-In, but their games are far from clean. Regardless, they are in great form and seem do always find a way out of the chaos they themselves cause on the Rift, so it’s hard to criticize them too much.

Looking back at EG’s win over Dignitas, the match was much closer to what it should be and we would go even so far to say that if EG had faced any other team that day they would have probably lost. Fortunately for EG, Dignitas were unable to capitalize on their mistakes even though they had a much better draft – like most other teams EG have faced.

EG are priced at 1.358 to win this match which seems about right, however, they’re definitely not invincible. EG make way too many mistakes in their games and somehow they get away with it. In some of their wins – like against DIG – it’s their opponents that shot themselves in the foot so it’s fair to say EG are a bit lucky to sit at the top of their group.

On the other side, we have FlyQuest who are not looking too sharp and seem like the weakest team at the tournament. I’m not too excited with EG and the longevity of their success, but it’s difficult to side with FlyQuest for this match.

Prediction: Evil Geniuses – 8.5 kills – 1.970 at Pinnacle


Team Liquid vs Team SoloMid
Friday, January 22 – 18:00 PST

Team Liquid might have lost their match against 100 Thieves, but they at least play good League of Legends, which is not something I can say about Team SoloMid. I expected TSM to struggle a bit early on, largely due to the lack of synergy, but if we also add poor drafts to the mix, you get the TSM we have been looking at across the last week and it’s not looking good.

TSM will rise sooner or later and perhaps they can even force a close series against Liquid, but as it stands now, it’s Liquid who are a far stronger, more cohesive and all-round better team.

Prediction: Team Liquid to win – 1.483 at Pinnacle
Prediction: Team Liquid -5.5 kills – 1.869 at Pinnacle


Immortals vs FlyQuest
Friday, January 22 – 19:00 PST

Individually, FlyQuest seem stronger than Immortals and no one can argue a team with Eric “Licorice” Ritchie and Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen lacks quality, however, even with those two players, FlyQuest fail to make anything happen.

Liquorice, who is regarded as one of the best top laners in the league is having a disastrous start of the 2021 season and even that is an understatement. In two games played, he has a combined record of 0/6/0, whereas Johnsun is not looking much better with 0/5/2 combined record across two series.

Even though I expect FlyQuest to improve sooner or later, I have to value the current numbers higher than what I expect to see from FlyQuest sometime in the future. And that is not to say Immortals are exceptionally strong – note they’re playing with three academy players – but they’re definitely better than FlyQuest and should not be priced at these odds.

Prediction: Immortals to win – 2.29 at Pinnacle


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