LOL LCS Lock-in 2021 Round 3 Betting Predictions

LOL LCS Lock-in 2021 Round 3 Betting Predictions

LOL LCS Lock-in 2021 Round 3 Betting Predictions

LOL LCS Lock-in 2021 Round 3 Betting Predictions

While I was grabbing a beer from the fridge to celebrate Golden Guardians’ win over TSM, I came back to realise they had in the meantime not only gave up their 6.3k gold lead but lost the game. Regardless of the heartbreak, we continue our free coverage of League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Lock-In with five Wednesday’s matches.

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Immortals vs Cloud9
Monday, January 17 – 13:00 PST

Immortals enter day 3 of LCS Lock-In with a 1-1 record, having lost to Evil Geniuses in their tournament opener, to which they added a fairly convincing win against Dignitas in the final fixture of the day. Even though IMT managed to split their two games, I would be hard-pressed to say I’m impressed with them.

Drafts look good, but the execution is far from perfect – or even decent for that matter. Much of their struggles come from lack of experience of their rookie players, which at least gives me hope IMT will improve sometime in the future.

Some people might not like to hear what I have to say about Cloud9, but quite frankly, this team looks far worse than how they did last season. Despite the acquisition of Perkz, Cloud9 seem like they have downgraded their roster which is a huge problem as I am starting to believe – despite the popular perception of C9 being the best team in NA – that they won’t be able to compete for the LCS title.

I don’t believe Immortals can defeat Cloud9 simply due to the massive quality gap between the players, but I don’t expect Cloud9 to look much better than how they did in their last two games. At these odds, the only reasonable bet would be to side with the underdogs, but as mentioned that’s not something I am prepared to do. I’m sticking with under 22.5 kills for this one.

Prediction: Under 22.5 kills – 1.877 at Pinnacle


Team Liquid vs 100 Thieves
Monday, January 17 – 14:00 PST

With Cloud9’s obvious issues, Team Liquid are looking like the strongest team in the league. Take that statement with a grain of salt, however, as I don’t believe they’re the strongest based on their performances (only one game), but solely because C9 are not looking as strong as many people believed.

On the other side, we have 100 Thieves, who had a very productive offseason and – despite their loss against CLG – remain one of the top-four teams in the league.

As expected and talked about in our LCS Lock-In Day 2 betting predictions, 100T did not have an easy time against CLG, although it’s fair to mention the game was a complete clown fiesta from start to finish. Regardless, it has proven 100T can fall apart when pushed out of their comfort zone, which is nothing that can’t be fixed before the LCS 2021 Spring kicks off.

I was a bit sceptical about 100T for yesterday’s match and I remain sceptical about their chances to defeat TL today. There is a world where 100T can repeat their performance from their game against TSM, but for that to happen, TL would have to slip up early on and allow 100T to roll over them.

Team Liquid won their game against CLG in a similar way to how 100T defeated TSM – by gaining an early lead and using it to snowball into a victory. Although it’s easy to look at Liquid’s win and convince yourself how good they were, it’s also important to take into consideration how they got to that victory.

This match can be much closer to what the betting odds suggest and while Liquid come off as the most likely victory, I am not ready to grab the shorter odds before I see them play at least two more games – or at least one more game where they’re not handed a win before the 5-minute mark.

100 Thieves to win at 2.30 (Pinnacle) is a very generous price considering they have the tools to cause some damage, and it seems like the odds are a bit inflated solely due to their loss against CLG. I, however, won’t be placing money on this match.

No prediction


Evil Geniuses vs Dignitas
Monday, January 17 – 15:00 PST

When we talk about Evil Geniuses, it’s only reasonable to remember their incredible win against Cloud9 on the opening day of the LCS Lock-In, to which they added another fairly convincing win against Immortals yesterday. It’s worth noting, however, that IMT won the draft in that game and even looked fairly competitive in the early-mid game, but eventually fell apart.

Two rounds of the LCS-Lock in have passed in and I’m still not convinced with Dignitas, who had a solid game against FlyQuest on day one but completely fell apart against Immortals yesterday. I still firmly believe this team has the potential to grow, but as of now, the potential is all they can offer.

Evil Geniuses should win this match despite their flaws and volatility, however, at the offered odds I am not ready to side with the favourites nor am I too excited about the 8.5 kill handicap. The former is due to low odds, whereas the latter is largely due to the current meta which prioritises scaling and less early-game fights in favour of the late game.

Prediction: Under 22.5 kills – 1.862 at Pinnacle


Monday, January 17 – 16:00 PST

CLG locked in their first win of the tournament last night after they edged out 100 Thieves in one of the most chaotic games of the season. Although a win is a win, I would not be too quick to start praising CLG even though they’re one of the teams I believe could surprise many once Broxah and Finn join the lineup.

TSM are slowly slipping down the LCS food chain with their subpar performances, however, I am not too shocked to seem them struggle considering they are lacking synergy to take advantage of all the talent they possess. Regardless, we have to give them some praise for their comeback against Golden Guardians, where TSM have shown they can fight from behind – a trait that wins you championships.

Many people seem to undervalue TSM, which I can’t quite understand, as a quick glance at their squad quickly reveals this team has the talent to compete for the LCS title – even though I’m not ready to believe they can defeat TL just yet.

Much like CLG, TSM are capable of much more than what they have shown so far, but there is no denying their ceiling is significantly higher. This will be an important match to win for both teams and one that will make or break their chances to advance into the playoffs. We must also consider the rivalry between these two organisations, which should inspire TSM to finally step out of their shell of mediocrity and show what they’re capable of.

Prediction: TSM -6.5 kills – 1.813 at Pinnacle


Team Liquid vs Golden Guardians
Monday, January 17 – 17:00 PST

I backed Golden Guardians to defeat TSM last night and even though they came extremely close to causing an upset, their lack of experience and poor macro play eventually cost them the win (I still drank my beer though). After such performance, I am very sceptical about how will GG do against well-organised teams such as TL and other top dogs, which is why I am not too excited about siding with them again.

Despite GG’s relatively high kill count against TSM, they likely won’t be as efficient when faced with Liquid’s strong laners. Adding to that, TL have a very methodical approach to their games, where they take it slow and go for the jugular when the odds are in their favour.

GG are a bit sloppy and could give up a few unnecessary kills, but I’ll be playing under for this one. I’ll also be taking the overtime total, since NA as a whole is a more slow region, which in combination with the current meta gives us slower games.

Prediction: Under 22.5 kills – 1.806 at Pinnacle
Prediction: Over 31.5 minutes – 1.869 at Pinnacle


We have provided a few more bets for today’s matches as we are slowly getting a clearer picture of how teams will perform and are getting more confident about our ratings. As of now, we don’t have any plans of sending LCS Lock-In tips to our premium members or BetMarkets users, however, we might change our mind once the playoffs roll around.