JUVENTUS v NAPOLI – Serie A Betting Preview + Prediction

February 13 2016, Juventus Arena, 19:45 GMT+0


Here it is, a “clash of titans“, a match that will show us who will take the 1st place in Serie A, and surely show us who will end up this season at the top.

Every prediction we wrote, when The Old Lady played was in her favour, and for a good reason. Juvetus is dominating Serie A, without a defeat since 28.10.2015. This reminds us of 2011-12 season, when Juventus won Serie A champions title without a loss. This year’s season could end up the same if Juventus hasn’t had a terrible start of the season. But looking at it now, they more than compensated the bad start.

I think it’s clear enough, this is the most important match of the season for both sides, especially for Juventus, who will get to the top of Serie A first time this season and we can be sure they won’t let go of the throne, once they get to sit on it. So if Napoli fails to win today there is little to no chance they will get to win Serie A.


Even though Allegri’s side has won 17 out of 18 last matches, we can not underestimate Napoli. The “Partenopei” have lost only 2 matches this season against Bologna (3:2) and Sassuolo (2:1) and it’s clear that new coach Maurizio Sarri is one of the big reasons this season is going excellent for Neapolitans. But still the question remains, are they good enough to stop Juventus at Juventus Arena? Well, looking at this years fixture between these two, it ended in Napoli favour (2:1), but that match was in the start of the season, when Juventus just couldn’t find a way to perform. Maybe the last year’s fixture could show a better picture, when Juventus won (3:1). Some may argue Juventus had a penalty in that game, but then again so did Napoli, but failed to convert. So it was a fair outcome for both sides.

Looking at the missing players, Juventus will have to play without Madnzukic and Chiellini, also Caceres and Asamoah still remain sidelined. On the positive note, there is a good chance Khedira will join his team today along with Zaza amd Evra.

The visitors are only going to miss Grassi, but it should not be a problem, as he has yet to step on the pitch this season. So missing player wise, Napoli has no worries.


Looking at this match as a fan, it would be great for Napoli to win, as the race for the league title would be much more interesting. But it’s not likely to happen. Juventus has found it’s rhythm and won’t let anyone stop them easily on their road to another league title. Also with home advantage, Massimiliano Allegri’s squad will surely perform the way a champion would. Nevertheless I believe it will still be a great match to watch.

Prediction: Juventus -0.5
Odds: 2.21 Pinnacle/SBOBET

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