How to bet on Snooker

How to bet on Snooker

How to bet on Snooker

Snooker was never amongst the most popular betting sports. Probably because it’s not a popular sport among the general public, at least not as much as soccer, basketball, hockey… Despite that, the popularity of betting on snooker continues to grow, with numerous snooker tournaments taking place all around the globe. For an “outsider”, that is someone who does not bet, it would seem there is not a lot of opportunities to bet on snooker. The fact that it’s a turn-based game it would seem so, but it’s far from the truth. We will touch that topic later and explain all the different bets you can choose when betting on snooker.

Despite the lack of popularity of snooker as a sport, there is another issue why some do not choose to bet on it. Betting on snooker has somewhat a negative sound to it, mostly due to numerous match-fixing scandals that happened. The match-fixing seems like a reason enough to avoid betting on snooker altogether. However, the necessary steps have been taken to avoid such scandals in the future. To be fair, most if not all others sports have been involved in match-fixing scandals. For example, soccer has seen its fair share of match-fixing, but that doesn’t stop people from betting on it, so why would it stop you from betting on snooker? You can find good value bets, if done right and with patience, same as with all other sports.



The highlight of snooker is the three majors; UK Championship, the Masters and World Championship. Snooker in general only comes into the spotlight when one of those 3 events take place, but with many more tournaments that go under the radar of general public, you can be sure there are a lot of possibilities to bet on.

Players Tour Championship Events

Series of snooker tournaments comprising some minor-ranking events played in Europe and Asia, concluding with the Grand Final.

Those events usually take place over 4-5 days with professional players joining in in the last 2-3 days, with qualifiers taking place the days before. Each match is played over the best of 7 frames.

Normal Rankings Events

On the contrary to Players Tour championship, players play best of 9 up to quarterfinals, best of 11 in semi-finals and 17-18 frames in finals. These events are much more popular, so you can expect to see a bigger market for them.

UK Championship and International Championship

If we do not count World Championship, these two events are considered the biggest ranking events in snooker. The format is slightly bigger for these events, matches being best of eleven, with International Championship featuring best of seventeen semi-finals. Reasonably there is a pretty big market for those events.

The Champion of Champions

A non-ranking tournament, that features winners of World Snooker events over the preceding 12 months. In terms of betting, it’s quite similar to the normal ranking event.

The Masters

Played in January, it’s considered one of the biggest tournaments of the year with a long and rich history.

All of the matches are best of eleven up until the final. Because this event features only 1 table, only 1 match takes place at the time, thus the emphasis on individual matches, and with that individual markets.

Here you will find more “special bets” offered by bookmakers, mostly due to its popularity with odds being available weeks before the event takes place.

The World Championship

Lasting 17 days, it’s the most important tournament in players eyes, and one to win if you want to have your name written in history. Only the elite 32 players participate in this event.

The first round is played over 19 frames, with the second round and quarterfinals being played over 25 frames. Semi-finals are played over 33 frames and finals 35 frames. As it can be seen it’s a true test of stamina and skill.

As far as betting on this event goes, bookmakers are rather quick with putting up odds, as they are set the whole year round. Being that it’s the World Championship, there are many more markets available for it compared to other events. These are for example; nationality of the winner, highest break betting, will there be a first-time winner…

In recent years Snooker has become popular around the world, so it’s not a “British sport” anymore, but rather an international sport with events taking place all over the globe. For that reason, we have a lot more snooker events throughout the year.

Bet Types

Money Line or Two Way

The most common market, and the simplest bet you can make. Nothing much to explain here, as you only bet on who out of 2 players will win.

Handicap Betting

As with other sports, handicap betting is present here as well. Ultimately it’s available when one of the 2 players is most likely to win. To counter his higher chances of winning, bookmaker offers you a handicap betting to level the playing field. The handicap in snooker works by giving/reducing player’s number of frames, which are then added/reduced to the game’s final score.


Outright betting comes into account when you bet on a final winner of a given tournament. Bookmakers offer outright bets once a tournaments draw has been made.

Total Frames

It’s basically an Over/Under bet when you predict the total numbers of frames by both players. Punter bets if the total number will be over or under a certain value.

Number of frames in a match

This is betting on the number of frames in a match. You can choose to bet on an exact number of a group of frames.

Odd/even number of frames


147 Break bet

It’s the maximum break market, where you bet that the “147 Break” will or won’t happen. When betting on this kind of bet, you should take into consideration the actual size of the tournament. As well as who is playing.

Miscellaneous bets

Bets that fall into this category are; first color ball to be potted, first to win the frame, highest break in a match, race to frames, the nationality of tournament winner…

As with other sports, if you wish to be successful with snooker betting, you should have knowledge of the game as well as tournament formats. In addition, knowing the player’s form, H2H results, players statistics, and injuries are all crucial information for a punter when backing up their selection. Becoming familiar with the types of bets that you can choose from has its weight as well. Knowing the types of bets and how to use them, in conjunction with each other will help you with your profits or reducing your losses. There is of course also the deciding on the right bookmaker for your bets.

We highly suggest using Pinnacle(Money Line) and Dafabet(Handicap). This is extremely important, because at the end of the day bookmakers will pay (or won’t pay) your winnings, so picking an unreliable one or those who offer lower odds will result in lower profits.