Hellraisers v Vexed – CS:GO APM S2 FINALS

Hellraisers v Vexed – CS:GO APM S2 FINALS

Hellraisers v Vexed – CS:GO APM S2 FINALS
February 11 2016, Online, 20:00 CEST


Hellraisers were playing amazingly well when they won this tournament last year. They managed to get past Dignitas, TSM, SK and German team Mousesports. At the end they took the main prize, 20.000$ ! Since then, there were a lot of changes in their main line-up – Only ANGE1 and kUcheR have remained in their main roster. Anyway, it looks like this is not a big problem for Hellraisers, as they secured their spot on upcoming MLG Columbus LAN Qualifier by winning PGL Regional Minor Championship. Most of the matches were very tight(scorewise), but they still managed to win against Lemondogs, PixelFire, PENTA and finally beating E-Frag in the finals. If you take a look at their Steam profiles, you can see they haven’t been practising a lot, about 3 hours per day.

Styko has posted on Twitter that he is really sick and I am not sure that he will play tonight. You can see the Tweet here: LINK

On the other side we have another inconsistent Polish team called Vexed. They won against RCTIC ( 2-0 ! ) and I was really impressed when they managed to take a map from EnVyUs, but they they let me down when they drew against average teams like Torpedo and Alternate aTTax. In the last week they were practising a lot more than HR, about 6 hours per day.


I expect a close match, as both teams are pretty inconsistent in my opinion.


Prediction 1: HellRaisers to win 2-1
Odds: 3.25

Prediction 2:  Vexed to win at least one map
Odds: 1.57


Probable line-ups:
HR: oskar, Zero, ANGE1, STYKO (not sure if he will play, he posted a twitt that he is sick), kUcheR
Vexed: rallen, Furlan, Hyper, repo, GruBy



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