Guingamp v St Etienne – Ligue 1

Guingamp v St Etienne - Ligue 1

Guingamp v St Etienne - Ligue 1

Sitting at the bottom of the league, Guingamp will hope to win their 2nd league match in a row tonight, which would bring them closer to escaping the relegation zone, however, they will be facing the 5th team in Ligue 1, St Etienne, which should prove to be a real test for Guingamp.

Guingamp are currently 20th in the league with an overall record of 2-5-11 and a 1-1-3 in their last 5 games. On the bright side, they have won their most recent match against Monaco, which is not a huge accomplishment but Guingamp can be happy with any points they can get at the moment. In their last 5, Guingamp has also played a draw against Nice (0:0) and lost to; Amiena (1:2), Dijon (1:2) and Reims (2:1). Their league record is far from impressive, but I must mention their performance in the Cup games, where they won against Pontivyen (2:4) and even managed to win against PSG on 9th of January (1:2), which meant Guingamp has advanced into semi-finals. Looking at both league and cup games combined, Guingamp is 4-1 which is far more impressive than their league record, where they only accumulated 11 points in 18 games played. In their most recent match in the Coupe de la Ligue, they managed to defeat PSG, despite playing against French champion. PSG had 63% ball possession, 12 goal attempts but only 2 shots on goal, while Guingamp had 37% ball possession, 5 goal attempts and 3 shots on goal. The first goal could have been scored in the 61st minute when Guingamp was awarded a penalty but Thuram missed it, instead, PSG managed to score in a counter-attack in the 63rd minute when Neymar scored his 11th goal in 12 appearances. 20 minutes later Guingamp were awarded yet another penalty, only this time N’Gbakoto converted it into a goal, which meant Guingamp managed to equalize with only 7 minutes left in the match. If that was not enough, Guingamp was awarded another penalty in the 90’+2. This time Thuram had a chance to fix his mistake from missing his first penalty and he did. That meant Guingamp got a lead in the added time and with only a few minutes left in the match, PSG failed to find an answer, thus loosing to Guingamp, a huge underdog. All in all, a quite an interesting match with Guingamp having 3 opportunities to score from a penalty kick, which not surprisingly won them the match. PSG on the other side did not play like themselves, as they were seemingly underestimating their opponents, which arguably cost them the win. In the defence, they were not as organized as they would want and the same can be said in their attacking performance. Final score: 1:2.

The team Guingamp will face off today are St Etienne, who are currently 5th in the league with an overall record of 8-6-4 and a 2-1-2 in their last 5 games. St Etienne is coming into this match after a league win against Dijon (3:0). In the course of their last 5 league games, they also defeated Nantes (3:0) but failed to do the same against Nice (1:1), Bordeaux (3:2) and Lyon (1:0), both of which they lost. As for their cup games, St Etienne defeated Ol Strasbourg (0:6) on 6th of January, which was their most recent match. The match against Strasbourg was completely one-sided, which was expected. St Etienne scored 2 goals in the opening 9 minutes (3rd and 9th minute) and added 4 more goals in the 2nd half. Final score: 0:6.

The last time St Etienne played against Guingamp was on 11th of August 2018 when St Etienne won 2:1. This was their 4th win against Guingamp out of the last 5 times the two sides meet. Looking at the upcoming match, Guingamp is not considered a huge underdog, mostly due to their 4 game winning streak and their win against PSG on 9th of January, however, I am a bit sceptical about how good they really are, as the win against PSG was not convincing for me. PSG was seemingly underestimating their opponents and did not play on the level they should, which resulted in Guingamp winning the match. In addition, we can’t forget Guingamp were awarded 3 penalty kicks, and of course, they managed to convert 2 of them into a goal. Despite a 4-1 run (3 games won in the cup) of Guingamp, they are in my opinion not prepared to face St Etienne, who has proven before they are a better side. There is a reason why St Etienne is 5th in the league, while Guingamp is last with only 14 goals scored and 34 conceded in the course of 18 games. The home advantage and high morale boost Guingamp got from their recent matches will play a role in the upcoming match. I would expect St Etienne to win the upcoming match, but taking all into consideration, a +0 bet on St Etienne is a safer bet.

Preview: St Etienne +0.00 Asian Handicap
Odds: 1.93 Pinnacle