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FURIA v NiP – IEM Katowice 2019

FURIA v NiP - IEM Katowice 2019

As the 25th ranked team in the World, FURIA Esports enters the IEM Katowice 2019 after finishing 2nd in the Nort American Minor. In addition, they have won ESL Brazil Season 5 and GG.BET Ascensão last year. The issue I have with this team is that the whole team relies on kscerato and yuurih too much. The young star kscerato has been in many transfer rumours. It was even said he was going to move to MIBR, the top Brazilian team. I’m not surprised by a lot of attention kscerato brought upon himself, as he truly is an all-round player. On the other side, yuurih stood in kscerato’s shadow, up until recently when he even outperformed his teammate and became one of the key players in his team. The problem with Furia, just like many other low tier teams, they lack quality players in the team. While kscerato and yuurih can carry the team, a bad day of either of them could bring the whole team down. FURIA Esports are considered by many a team that can surprise bigger teams, however, I highly disagree with it. The odds for FURIA to win the tournament went from 220 to 50 which may seem like they are better than they really are, but once again I must point out, they are overrated and will most likely not go far in the tournament.

Ninjas in Pyjamas fall into the category of teams from which we never know what to expect. Let’s just remember the last LAN tournament, the BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018, where NiP finished last. At the moment, NiP are priced around 12.00 at Pinnacle to win the Major, which is to low in my opinion, simply because I find them to be too inconsistent. Something in the range of 30 would be more acceptable in my opinion. I don’t expect them to reach the playoffs, but then again they have the ability to surprise all of us and secure the Legends spot for the next major.

I am not expecting a lot from NiP at this Major, but they should be well prepared for one of the weakest teams at this Major. We recommend a bet on NiP.

Prediction: NiP -3.50 rounds
Odds: 1.81

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