Formula One – Italian Grand Prix

Italian Grand Prix

F1 is moving to Monza, the circuit in Italy. According to Max Verstappen, it’s a place with the best food on the planet. So if you are not here for F1 preview, take this as an advice, where to go eat.

There is still fuss surrounding his drive at Spain last week. A teenager, who has achieved a name for himself in Formula One, whit being promoted to a seat in Red Bull was at the centre of 3 controversial accidents. It’s quite a interesting coincidence to say the least. Kimi Raikkonen is warning that the teenager might cause a massive accident and is planning to have a word with Max in pre-race meeting. But if you ask me, it won’t change anything. Max is ambitious, young, full of potential and likes to take risks, which arguably lead him to the spot he is now. He can defend himself that he has not broke any rules with his driving, even if it was really close. But then again, the best drivers in the world such as Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna have been doing the same thing.
In Belgium, Max has finished the race on 11th place, even though he qualified third. He must forget that performance and stay focused for the upcoming race, where he surely won’t leave us unentertained. The cases when young drivers come and upset the order with their “risky” driving are not uncommon, and if you ask me I am not against it. This sport does need something fresh and young drivers bring just that.

Lewis Hamilton is one of those drivers. Despite this being his 10th season, he has never changed. He is still a “daredevil” who he was at the start and that has brought him the name in F1 he has today. His performance in Belgium was exceptional. Even though he started last, he still finished for a podium. That is one of the reasons to back him up today.
Hamilton is coming into the race with an updated car, and that is one of the reasons I am positive he will deliver in Italy.

Prediction: Hamilton to win
Odds: 1.80