Formula 1 – Chinese Grand Prix

Formula 1 - Chinese Grand Prix

Formula 1 - Chinese Grand Prix

Formula 1 – Chinese Grand Prix

And we are back for the Chinese Grand Prix. After Sebastian Vettel’s win in Australia, Ferrari will try to repeat their success and give Mercedes something to think about. So the main question here is, will Mercedes be able to get back on track (figuratively speaking) and revenge their loss, or will we see Ferrari taking the win once more?

On Sunday, we will see F1 racers racing at Shanghai International Circuit, with a new set of tires, compared to those which were used in last season. This year Pirelli provided racers with more durable tires as this track is known to cause high tire wear. However, with faster cars this year, it could also mean that we will see faster race. The most known part of the track for racers is without the doubt corner one. Fernando Alonso also admitted that this is his favorite corner of the season, as it provides a good test for drivers.

Kevin Magunssen also pointed out corner one as a “very unique corner where you turn in at very high speed and you end up at very low speed.” He also stated; “It’s an incredibly long corner and pretty unique for that. The rest of the track is pretty straightforward.”

With many corners, drivers have to constantly brake and accelerate, which means tires suffer and get seriously drained, which was stated before. So with new durable tires from Pirelli, drivers will be able to tackle with corners much more efficiently. This was already seen in practice race, where we saw Hamilton setting a new record (1:31,768), which is half a second faster compared to the previous record held by Michael Schumacher (1:32:238). Vettel was close behind, with +0.186. So the battle between these two is already set. In second starting line, we will see Bottas and Räikkönen. So the first 4 racers are same as we saw in Australia. Will the outcome be the same? We will see.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton needs to win this one and he knows it. If Ferrari repeats their success in Australia, Mercedes will not be in a great spot. It’s not only that he “needs” to win it, he also proven himself in the practice and if he can repeat his superb performance, there is no doubt he will finish at the top.

Prediction: Hamilton to win race
Odds: 1.82 Betfair (2.20 when sent to premium subscribers)

Valtteri Bottas

Bottas finished the qualifications 0,001 seconds behind Vettel, which translates to the 6 cm difference between the cars at the point of crossing the finish line. His performances are amazing and he is without a doubt a consistent driver. With that in mind, I expect to see him finishing in top 3

Prediction: Bottas Podium finish (top 3)
Odds: 1.54 Betfair

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