Formula 1 – Canadian Grand Prix 2017

Formula 1 - Canadian Grand Prix 2017 Betting preview and prediction

Formula 1 - Canadian Grand Prix 2017 Betting preview and prediction

This weekend, F1 moves to Montreal, Canada for the 7th race of the season, the Canadian Grand Prix. The 305.27km long race which will consist of 70 laps will surely provide great entertainment for all fans and a challenging race for drivers.

The story behind this venue is quite interesting. Back in the 1960s, Canada, as a multilingual country had a rivalry between French and English speaking population and the topic of discussion was where should Grand Prix have its home. The only reasonable solution that came out of it was 2 homes; 1 each year. Mosport Park one year and Mont-Tremblant the next one. Soon, the Mont-Tremblant has proven to be too dangerous to race on, so Grand Prix moved to Mosport Park. However, this is not the track we will be looking at today. Name Gilles Villeneuve is well known in the F1 world and of course most of all in Canadian F1 community. Due to his great success in F1, Canadians decided they need to build a new track for Grand Prix races. At first has seemed it won’t happen as a lot of money and time was needed for this project, however, as time went by they found a great solution. They decided to connect the islands’ roads in Ille Notre Dame and made a circuit race, which is now the home of Canadian Grand Prix since 1978. In 1978, previously mentioned Gilles Villeneuve has not yet won a race, but in October, when Grand Prix moved to Canada, it was his time to shine. And he did. The racer that had a huge influence on building this venue won in front of his crowd and thus took a memorable debut win with Ferrari. After his tragic death in 1982, the track was renamed in his honour (Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve). Another interesting event that took place at this venue is Jean Alesi’s win in 1995. Surprisingly enough his first and only win in his career was in no. 27 Ferrari, the same number which was used by Gilles Villeneuve when he finished 1st.

After a terrible performance from Mercedes in Monte Carlo, where Lewis Hamilton finished 7th after a terrible qualifying race (13th), he will be hoping Canadian Grand Prix will be more suited for him- Despite finishing better than his team mate (Hamilton), Bottas failed to pass Ferrari and Red Bull in Monte Carlo, thus finishing at 4th place. But going into the next race, Mercedes looks better, as they seemed to have dealt with problems that caused bad performances in Monte Carlo. Lewis Hamilton finished the qualifying in 1st place, in front of Vettel who will start at the 2nd spot and Bottas who will be starting his race in 3rd. The biggest rival this season, Sebastian Vettel is currently 1st in driver standings, 25 points ahead of Hamilton. And that can only mean one thing. Hamilton must give his best in today’s race if he does not want to fall back too far. And the odds are in his favour. Hamilton has won in Canada 5 times out of last 9 races and if he manages to repeat his success, this will be his 3rd win in a row.

Prediction: Lewis Hamilton to win race
Odds: 1.80 Betfair, 1.64 Bet365


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