Formula 1 – Bahrain Grand Prix 2017

Formula 1 – Bahrain Grand Prix 2017

Formula 1 – Bahrain Grand Prix 2017

Formula 1 – Bahrain Grand Prix 2017

Yesterday was another positive day for our premium subscribers. If you are interested, you can still signup with a reduced price of 24.99 USD per month. Anyway, let’s go to the today’s race in Bahrain. With one win apiece for Ferrari and Mercedes we are heading to the third F1 race of the season, the Bahrain Grand Prix.

After a spectacular race in China, racers will face a change of scene, going from damp China to the hot desert. Due to temperatures averaging around 40°C (104 degrees F), drivers will be happy the race will start at twilight and end under the lights, to avoid extreme temperatures. But due to temperature changes throughout the race, drivers will need to change up their tires to adapt to the track “evolution”.

Year 2004 was the year Bahrain race marked the 1st time FIA Formula One World Championship took place in the Middle East. The construction of this Circuit was a result of a huge project, which started back in 2002 and finished 2 years later with around $150 million in costs. The race as we know is located in Sakhir and it was designed by German engineer and driver Hermann Tilke, who has worked on multiple other F1 racing circuits. Bahrain International Circuit (5.412 km (3.363 mil) in length) consists of 15 turns, some of which demand heavy braking and many high-speed straights. The layout of the track is highly challenging and it will put engines, stability, traction and technical knowledge of the racers to the test.

Hot temperatures are never good news for the racers… expect if you are driving a Ferrari. Ferrari is known to perform better in hot temperatures and this might give Vettel a slight advantage to Hamilton. Hamilton is wary of that and has stated; “Ferrari are very good in hotter conditions. If anything, Ferrari have got a bit quicker and the gap’s even closer – they will be very, very quick.”  However, Vettel did not share the same thought and acknowledged that Mercedes should not be underestimated; “I think if we can challenge Mercedes again, that’s very good news,” “They are very, very strong. They have had a very, very strong run the last couple of years. This year as well, so they have a good package.  “If we can be close it’s good. I’m happy to get a surprise, but expectation I don’t really have…”

Despite all the Hamilton versus Vettel, we will be hearing this season, there is one more driver which has proven before he knows how to race on this track and his name is Raikkonen. He has collected 8 silverwares on this track and there is no other driver in history that can “brag” with that record. Despite his impressive record at Bahrain, Raikkonen has never won the race, so will this year be his to shine?

With the qualifying race over the top 3 positions are known; Bottas, Hamilton, Vettel. It’s worth mentioning that this will be the 1st time for Bottas to start 1st in Bahrain, who has beaten his team-mate Hamilton by only 0.023s, but can he repeat his success in the real race is yet to be seen.


Verdict & Prediction

As mentioned before, Ferrari is better suited for conditions that will await drivers in Bahrain, so I do expect Ferrari drivers performing better compared to Mercedes. With that in mind, I will back up Vettel to win his second race this season.

Prediction: Vettel to win
Odds: 4.7 Betfair

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