Formula 1 – Australian Grand Prix Melbourne 2017

Formula 1 - Australian Grand Prix Melbourne 2017

Formula 1 - Australian Grand Prix Melbourne 2017

Formula 1 – Australian Grand Prix Melbourne

Here we are, back again in sunny Melbourne for the opening race for the F1 world championship.

The 5.303 km (3.295 mi) long track in Albert Park, Melbourne will open this year’s season of 2017 Formula 1 World Championship. This race will be 81st race in history of Australian Grand prix (dating back almost 90 years to 1928 100 Miles Road Race) and 22nd time this event will take place at Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. Firstly, let’s touch a little of history behind this track.

Grand Prix was firstly introduced in Australia in 1985 with its original venue being placed in Adelaide, which was the “home” for F1 until year 1995, when it was moved to Melbourne, so this year will mark the 22nd race at this venue. In addition tomorrow will mark the 20th time the world championship will be opened in Melbourne. Australia has got many good drivers, but strangely enough not once did a Australian driver taken the podium finish at home race. Well, at least not officially. Ricciardo has won a podium finish (2nd place) in 2014, but was disqualified after due to his engine exceeding the maximum fuel usage rate of 100kg/hour. As the opening race of the season, it’s arguably a very important one as we will look for signs of which racer might win the championship in the upcoming season. The fact that the winner of the opening race went on to win the championship 62% of the time only makes this race that much more important and of course that much more appealing to watch.

Lewis Hamilton has secured himself 1st spot in qualifications with the fastest lap (1:22.188), closely followed by Sebastian Vettel (1:22.456) and Bottas at 3rd position (1:23:215). With another pole start, Hamilton has matched Ayrton Senna’s record of 6 pole positions in Australia and this will mark his 62nd pole start in his career. It’s also worth mentioning that last year’s winner of Melbourne Grand Prix, Nico Rosberg will not participate in this race (or any race for that matter), as he has retired after 2016 season. Still, the Mercedes team is without the doubt one of the strong competitors for this year’s title, but we must not forget about Red Bull and Ferrari.

Sebastian Vettel has shown us how fast his car can be during winter and Hamilton took notice of that. He stated that he is happy that he will have a “battle with Vettel”, and of course fans can be happy also. Hamilton has also said Vettel is a favourite and there is some truth in that. Ferrari are in my eyes one of the strong competitors and Vettel is more than capable to finish in the top 2 tomorrow.

Prediction 1: Sebastian Vettel Top 2 finish
Odds: 1.71 Betfair
Stake: 1 Unit

Another driver that got my attention is Romain Grosjean. The Frenchman has been impressing with his Haas. He has stayed in the top 8 for the whole weekend and now he fought himself a 6th place on the grid, which is impressive. His form seems to go only up and he just might be able to get a nice result tomorrow.

Prediction 2:  Romain Grosjean Top 6 finish
Odds: 2.12 Betfair
Stake: 1 Unit

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