F1 European Grand Prix 2016

F1 European Grand Prix 2016

F1 European Grand Prix 2016 – Betting Preview + Prediction

We have got an F1 European Grand Prix 2016 ahead of us, where the best drivers in Formula 1 will face off in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is the latest addition to the Formula One calendar, with the capital city Baku playing host to what claims to be the fastest street circuit of the season. Architect Hermann Tilke has claimed to have created a challenging street circuit, in terms of engineering and design, and one that thrives on Baku’s very attractive urban atmosphere.

Obviously street circuits present a number of challenges, in terms of circuit design, but we have been able to incorporate some unique features that will provide the teams and fans with fascinating racing he comments.

We must mention, there is a 2.2 kilometres long acceleration section, which will see the cars running flat put at very high top speeds, something that will create a great spectacle for the fans at home and those on the track.

In the last race in Canada, we have seen last year’s champion Lewis Hamilton to seal the second victory in a row, which game him a great chance to get on the top of the championship standings by winning in Baku and passing Rosberg. But we must mention, this track is unfamiliar to the drivers, because this will be the first time the European Grand Prix has been held at this street circuit. Therefore we can not predict the result with the help of previous races held here.

Looking at recent form, Lewis Hamilton looks like a man to follow, but for me Vettel, the former world champion is a better pick. In Montreal, a slight change to Ferrari’s strategy, using one-stop strategy instead of two-stopper would surely give Vettel his 1st win this season. Knowing that now, they will surely not make the same mistake again. In addition the upgraded engine might just give an edge to the German over the Mercedes.

Prediction: Sebastian Vettel to win race EW
Odds: 6.50