Evil Geniuses vs FURIA – BLAST Premier Global Final 2020

Evil Geniuses vs FURIA – BLAST Premier Global Final 2020

Evil Geniuses vs FURIA – BLAST Premier Global Final 2020

Evil Geniuses vs FURIA – BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 Betting Preview

The first Lower Bracket fixture at the BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 will see Evil Geniuses clash with FURIA for the first time since October when the Brazilians won 2-0. This time out, however, FURIA are without Henrique “HEN1” Teles, which should make this match much tighter, but is it enough for EG to claim a revenge win and advance into the second round?

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Evil Geniuses enter this match on the heels of a 1-2 defeat against Astralis in the first round of the competition. EG started the series with a phenomenal performance on Inferno (16-14), but it did not take long for EG to showcase how poor their map pool really is.

Astralis completely stomped the North American squad in games two and three with two commanding wins on Overpass (16-8) and Vertigo (16-6). It’s also worth noting that EG have won only 33% of their games across the last three months, and while that might not seem too good, I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on that record since EG were bootcamping in the EU and should be well prepared to face teams of FURIA’s caliber.

FURIA lost their BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 opener against G2 Esports, where they did surprisingly good considering they are playing with a stand-in Lucas “honda” Cano, who had his flashes of greatness but overall he was ok. Everyone is talking about honda’s three aces, however, he managed only 59.0 ADR, so I wouldn’t be so quick to call him great.

The true heroes on FURIA were Yuri “yuurih” Santos and Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato who ended the series with 1.14 HLTV rating and 61 and 56 frags respectively.

EG and FURIA last met in October in the semi-finals of the IEM New York 2020 North America, where FURIA (1.90 to win) secured a fairly comfortable 2-0 win over Evil Geniuses (around 1.92 to win). KSCERATO was the man of the match that day with 48 frags and a 1.55 HLTV rating, whereas Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte was the only player on the side of EG with a positive rating (1.01) and 38 frags.

If we consider the head-to-head record between these sides, betting on FURIA is a no-brainer pick, but we have to remind ourselves that FURIA are playing with a stand-in, who as we have established is ok, but not at the level of Henrique “HEN1” Teles, who is no longer with the team.

Both teams did surprisingly well in their opening fixtures of the tournament and even though EG somewhat overperformed, I have faith in their coach and his ability to prepare his team for these kinds of matches. Facing the aggressive FURIA is never an easy task, and while I would have no issues siding with the Brazilians if HEN1 was still with them, I have to go the other way for this one. EG to win 2-1.

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Prediction: Evil Geniuses to win – 1.74 at Pinnacle