Epiphany Bolt vs MIXCAT – AlienTech CS:GO European Cup II Betting Preview + Prediction

Epiphany Bolt vs MIXCAT - AlienTech CS:GO

Epiphany Bolt vs MIXCAT – AlienTech CS:GO European Cup II

December 28 2015, Online, 22:00 GMT +0


Epiphany are a solid team with a lot of potential, but sometimes they are underperforming for some reason. They recently signed a new player called Hiffer(Emil Ervolder), which is a great addition for team. So far into this league, they have won against Playing Ducks and AlienTech and have had just one loss to the other Finnish team in this competition, RCTIC. If they decide to play seriously today, MIXCAT will have a tough nut to break.

MIXCAT said they plan on taking playing seriously, but in my opinion they are still a pug team. Sure, they have better aim that Epiphany, but they lack in strategic area.

There are a lot of speculations online today, if Joelz will be playing today. He is a fan favourite and a very good player. If he decides to play today, Epiphany will have big troubles with him, as he will be the best player in this match.

Without Joelz this match would be very close in my opinion and the odds on Epiphany with handicap are very good. I will take Epiphany to win at least one map. I recommend low stake, as there is no assurance if Joelz will be playing or not.

Prediction: Epiphany +1.5
Odds: 1.83 Pinnacle



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