EnVyUs v LDLC – ESL Pro League EU

EnVyUs v LDLC - ESL Pro League Season 7 Europe

EnVyUs v LDLC - ESL Pro League Season 7 Europe

EnVyUs v LDLC – ESL Pro League Season 7 Europe

First, let’s start with the recent roster changes. After an unsuccessful year and an early exit from the Boston Major Qualifier(kicked out by QBF), EnVyUs made two roster changes. xms stepped down from their active roster and was replaced by kioShiMa, while SIXER has been demoted down to the Envyus Academy team and replaced by hAdji. On the other side, LDLC replaced their in-game leader Ex6TenZ with LOGAN from ARES.

LDLC’s most recent tournament was the online qualifier for the IEM Katowice 2018 Closed Qualifier. They finished dead last in their group, with two lost matches against Quantum Bellator Fire(2-1) and Epsilon(2-0). As for their ESL Pro League performance, they managed only one win(16-11 against Space Soldiers on Cobblestone), while suffering five losses against Space Soldiers (16-1), AGO (16-2 and 16-11) and Astralis (2x 16-5).

As for the Team EnVyUs’ most recent tournament, they were invited to the IEM Katowice 2018 Closed Qualifier, but they finished at the 9-12th spot, with two defeats against Singularity(2-0) and Natus Vincere(2-0). It is worth mentioning that they were still playing with SIXER, while VKLL was playing as a stand-in for xms. In the ESL Pro League, they will be playing their first game tonight against LDLC.

Looking at the odds, EnVyUs are rightful favourites to win both maps, priced around 1.40 on both maps. Alltrought they are relatively untested with their new lineup, the quality difference between these two teams should be notable on the server. With the addition of Kioshima and hAdji, Envyus are looking good, at least on paper, and should be more competitive than their previous roster. On the other side, LDLC replaced a veteran IGL with a young player, and so far I am not convinced with his performance. I recommend betting on EnVyUs winning both maps.

Prediction: EnVyUs -0.50 Asian Handicap
Odds: 1.869 Pinnacle