Echo Fox v Clutch Gaming – LCS Summer Week 7 Day 2

Echo Fox v Clutch Gaming - LCS Summer Week 7 Day 2

Echo Fox v Clutch Gaming – LCS Summer Week 7 Day 2 Betting Preview and Prediction

Last time these two teams meet, it was Clutch Gaming who came out on top, however, the match could have easily gone the opposite way. In the end, it was a few too many mistakes from Echo Fox and a handful of individual outplays of Clutch Gaming, which secured Clutch with their 4th win of the split.



A rematch between Echo Fox and Clutch Gaming

Bookmakers seem to believe Clutch is better prepared compared to Echo Fox once more, however, that just might not be the case. We can’t deny Echo Fox have underperformed against OpTic on July 20th, however, they still have the individual talent to catch Clutch gaming off guard. Additionally, Clutch have not met Echo Fox in their full strength yet. In their first h2h fixture, Echo Fox were without Colin “Solo” Earnest, who is without a doubt one of the strongest players in Echo Fox if he gets rolling. He will prove to be a real test for Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon, who on the other side is one of the strongest players in Clutch Gaming.



Summer Split not too kind for neither side

If we draw a line, neither of the two teams have really impressed this split. Echo Fox seem a bit inconsistent when it comes to their results, while the same can be said for Clutch Gaming, although in a lesser extent. Their schedule in last few weeks was quite brutal, seeing how they had to face off against Team Liquid, CLG, Cloud9, TSM, OpTic and Team Liquid again in day 1 of week 7. As it was expected, CG lost most of those matches, however, they still managed to grab 2 wins against C9 and OpTic, meaning they are now 5-8 and really close to a top 6 finish.


The question, of course, is how much weight do the wins against C9 and OpTic hold and the answer might not be as straightforward as it seems. Cloud9’s results have been up and down recently, which is a result of them trying new stuff out. Knowing they are one of the best teams out there, they can afford to experiment and try out new tactics without worrying about their top 6 finish. As far as the OpTic wn goes, the OpTic team severely underperformed. They made too many mistakes to count and while defeating them is a great achievement on the paper, on that day OpTic were not themselves.



Verdict & Prediction

When it comes to calling out a winner, it will most likely all come down to which how well the top laners perform. Should Huni come out ahead of Solo, CG will surely grab their 2nd win of the split against Echo Fox. On the other side, if Solo performs to his full potential, this match could easily shift into Echo Fox favour. Looking back, Huni, nor Solo played on the level they can. Huni, widely considered one of the best top laners is as of now far from his glory days and will most likely need a lot of help from Lira to take down Solo.


Expect Echo Fox to enter the match with a legitimate chance to defeat Clutch gaming and bounce back following their defeat against OpTic.


Prediction: Echo Fox to win
Odds: 2.75 Bet365