DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018

DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018

DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018

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DreamHack Masters Marseille tournament will run for a total of four days, from April 18 to April 22 in Marseille, France. In the tournament, we will get to see the best 16 teams from all around the world will fight for their share of the $250,000 prize pool. The event is also part of the first season of the Intel Grand Slam($1,000,000 reward for the first team who will win 4 premier tournaments organized by ESL or DreamHack, SK currently leading with 2 wins).

A total of 16 teams travelling to France achieved qualification one of two ways. Out of 16 teams, 12 got direct invites and the remaining 4 went through qualifiers. Two qualifying slots were reserved for two European teams (Valiance, Space Soldiers), one to North America (Renegades) and one to Asia (Tyloo).


Group A: FaZe Clan, Cloud9, G2 Esports, Team EnVyUs

Group B: mousesports, NiP, SK Gaming, Valiance

Group C: fnatic, NaVi, Renegades, Tyloo

Group D: Astralis, Gambit, Team Liquid, Space Soldiers


Let’s start with the FaZe Clan.

They started this year with a great performance in the Boston Major, where they nearly won against Cloud9, but then lost the match after double OT on Inferno. About a month later they were eliminated by Team Liquid at the Starladder and finished on a disappointing 4th place. Only a week later they attended the Intel Extreme Masters and managed to reach the finals, but again they failed to win in a BO5 match, this time against Fnatic. A couple of weeks ago they also attended the V4 Future Sports Festival in Budapest, where they comfortably won their Group A, losing only one map against HellRaisers. But then again, they were huge favourites to do so, especially if we take into consideration they had teams like GameAgents and Dark Tigers in their group. In the end, they lost 2-0 to the Virtus Pro (team, who are in one of the worst slumps in their entire team history) in the semifinals and went home. As for the recent roster changes, one of their rifles, olofmeister, has announced that he has stepped down from their active lineup(due to the “personal reasons”) and is being replaced by former NiP in-game leader, Xizt. Despite that we believe FaZe should not be limited by his absence, as his recent performance has been quite dicey, so Xizt should be able to fill his role quite easily. They are currently priced around 5.00 at Pinnacle for an outright win, which is fair, considering the talent they have on their roster.


Cloud9 started 2018 with a bang, as they became the first NA team to win the Major, where they beat FaZe Clan 2-1. A couple of weeks later they attended cs_summit 2, where they also managed to reach the finals, but were then beaten by their NA rivals, Team Liquid, in a BO5 match (2-3, won on Cache, the other win was awarded by default because of the higher bracket). At the StarLadder tournament, they were eliminated by mousesports and finished the tournament at a disappointing 11th place. At the beginning of the March, they were eliminated from the Intel Extreme Masters by FaZe Clan, and at the end of the month, they were eliminated from the WESG by Brazilian Tier 2/3 Team One. As far as roster changes go for Cloud9, they recently lost Stewie2K to the SK Gaming and replaced him with the former compLexity Gaming player, FNS. He will probably take on a role of an in-game leader, which is a positive thing for the team, as they definitely need a dedicated IGL. There were also some news surrounding their AWP player Skadoodle about stepping down from their active roster, but it was later announced that he is returning to remain in the active roster. They are priced around 10.00 for an outright win, which may look tempting for the current major champions, but losing their star player Stewie2K and with all the “drama” around Skadoodle leaving, I am not very keen on betting on them. They should be able to get out of the group stage nonetheless.


And now let’s take a look at the two French teams.

G2 attended three premier-level tournaments in 2018 so far; 7th place at the major (regaining their Legends status for the next Major), 5th place at the Starladder and 11th place at the Intel Extreme Masters. Anyway, it was announced that one of their star players, Shox, will be having a surgery and he will be taking some time off for recovery. They replaced him with Spanish Counter-Strike player mixwell, who joined the French side on a trial. As it stands now, they are priced around 9.00 for an outright win, but apart from playing in front of their own crowd, there isn’t a lot of reasons to bet on them. If C9 plays well, I can’t see them going out of the groups. Their French rivals, Team EnVyUs,

have struggled to find consistency in 2017. It seems like they have no problem beating weaker teams in smaller tournaments, but when it comes to the big tournaments with some of the best teams, they always fail to perform. After their early exit from the Boston Major Qualifier (kicked out by QBF), EnVyUs made two roster changes. xms stepped down from their active roster and was replaced by kioShiMa, while SIXER has been demoted down to the Envyus Academy team and replaced by hAdji. As for their recent tournament, they only played at the WESG, but they didn’t make it out of the group stage. EnVyUs are priced around 34.00 for an outright win, but considering their recent results, they probably won’t even make it out of their group.

SK gaming

are heavily favoured by the bookmakers, currently available around 5.00 at the Pinnacle. At the beginning of the year they brought in boltz and benched felps, but they still had to play with felps at the Boston major because of the rules. Despite that, they were still able to perform well enough and finished top 4 at the major. After the Major they went to the cs_summit 2 and finished third, only trailing C9 and Team Liquid. SK finished Intel Extreme Masters on 7th place, however, at the WESG they failed to get out of the group stage. It had become apparent that changes are needed and they were even talking with s1mple and flamie to come and play for them, but at the end, they opted for Cloud9 superstar, Stewie2k. They are currently playing well in the online matches, but this tournament will be a real test for them and an opportunity to show us if their experiment is going to work out.

For me personally, Team Liquid is currently the best NA team. Although they finished only 14th at the Boston Major, they bounced back at the cs_summit 2 and won the finals against Cloud9 in a BO5 match. As for the team news, their Brazilian player steel has decided to step down from their active roster, as apparently, he was not happy with his performance. They replaced him with another Brazilian player TACO, who recently left SK Gaming. Earlier this year they also replaced jdm64 with Canadian player NAF from Renegades. Any way we look at it, the recent roster changes are definitely an upgrade, as they have received more firepower, with a total of three players who can play AWP and a better clutch player. With Cloud9 losing Stewie and Skadoodle situation looking shaky, Team Liquid can prove themselves in being the best in NA. Taking all into consideration, I expect them to go far in this tournament. My recommended bet is for them to at least reach the finals, odds are around 12.00 at Pinnacle.

Group Predictions – To Advance
Group A: FaZe Clan and Cloud9
Group B: mousesports and SK
Group C: fnatic and renegades
Group D: Astralis and Team Liquid


Match predictions and previews will be sent tomorrow before the matches.

If you would like to receive all of our DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 predictions for free, contact us on info@betting-previews.com and we will send you all of our predictions for free!