Dota 2 – The International 2017 Betting Predictions

Dota 2 - The International 2017 Betting Predictions

The International 2017 is the third Major of the 2017 season and the seventh annual edition of The International. Basically, the same thing as majors in CSGO, the competition every team dreams of winning it. The current total prize pool is $23,147,821 and is continuing to grow. (currently $10,141,041 for the 1st place)

  • Group Stage – August 2nd – August 5th, 2017
    • All eighteen teams are divided into two groups where they play in a Round Robin format.
      • All matches are played in a Best of Two format
      • The top four teams in each group advance to the Upper Bracket of the Main Event.
      • The bottom team in each group is eliminated.
      • The remaining teams advance to the Lower Bracket of the Main Event.
  • Main Event – August 7th – August 12th, 2017
    • Sixteen teams play in a double-elimination format over six days.
      • Eight teams begin in the upper bracket, eight in the lower bracket.
      • First lower bracket game is Best of One, Grand Finals are Best of Five, all others are Best of Three.

All predictions will be based on a statistical model.

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For those with Bet365 accounts, check their offers for better odds, they are usually slow to update odds.

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Team Predictions

To reach the final: Evil Geniuses – 1 unit – 3.20 Pinnacle

Team that wins the longest game: Cloud 9 – 1 unit – 14.25 Pinnacle

Team that wins the shortest game: Virtus Pro – 1 unit – 4.45 Pinnacle

Team with highest Kill average: LGD Forever Young – 1 unit – 8.39 Pinnacle

Team with the most kills in a single game: Team Liquid – 1 unit – 7.69 Pinnacle

Team with fewest Deaths in a single game: Team Liquid – 1 unit – 6.77 Pinnacle

Team with most Assists in a single game: LGD Forever Young – 1 unit – 8.20 Pinnacle

Team that picks the most different heroes: Virtus Pro – 1 unit – 3.75 Pinnacle

Team that picks the fewest different heroes: Team Empire – 1 unit – 5.55 Pinnacle

Hero Predictions

Most banned hero: Night Stalker – 1 unit – 1.97 Pinnacle

Most picked hero: Earthshaker – 1 unit – 3.54 Pinnacle

Highest GPM by a hero in a single game: Over 1000 GPM – 2.54 Pinnacle

Most Deaths by a hero in a single game: Under 17.5 Deaths – 1.746 Pinnacle

Total number of unique heroes picked: Under 106.5 Heroes – 1.714 Pinnacle

Total number of unique heroes banned: Under 94.5 Heroes – 1.781 Pinnacle

Hero with the most Kills in a game: An Intelligence hero – 2.17 Pinnacle

Player Predictions

Player with highest Kill average: SumaiL – 1 unit – 4.70 Pinnacle

Player that plays the most different heroes: lil – 1 unit – 6.79 Pinnacle

Tournament Predictions

Total number of games played at the main event: Over 49.5 games – 1 unit – 2.13 Pinnacle

Most combined total kills in a single game: Under 110.5 kills – 1 unit – 1.653 Pinnacle

Total number of predictions: 20
Average odds: 4.64955

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