Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers – NBA

Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers - NBA Betting Preview

Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers - NBA Betting Preview

Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers – NBA Betting Preview

In tonight’s match, Detroit Pistons take on Philadelphia 76ers at Little Caesars Arena, where they will hope to get the 2nd home win of the season against poor performing 76ers who are currently 0-3.

During the pre-season, there was a lot of hype around Philadelphia 76ers with their rebuilding process and young players. The potential is there, but the time they need to reach any results is the problem. The rebuilding process is not yet done and no one knows when will it be finished. Looking at their performances so far, 76ers played decent basketball in the first 2 encounters against Wizards(120:115) and Celtics (92:102) but were terrible in the last encounter against Raptors (128:94). Philadelphia was outclassed in the 1st quarter, shooting only 31.8% from the field, whereas letting Raptors shot 52.6%. This, of course, resulted in Raptors taking an early lead of 17 points. We saw 76ers stepping up their game in the 2nd quarter, outscoring Raptors by 4 points (26:30). Sadly, for 76ers the start of the 2nd half was the same as the 1st quarter. They severely underperformed, shooting 38.1%, whereas Raptors managed to keep a high 62.5% accuracy from the field. The 3rd quarter ended with Raptors adding another 18 points to their lead (40:22), and were a whopping 31 points ahead of the visiting team. In the last quarter, we did not see anything surprising taking place, with Raptors adding another 3 points to their lead (26:23). The final score was 128:94. Top scorers; DeRozan (30pts), Ibaka (21pts) and Simmons (18pts).

Tonight’s hosts Detroit Pistons started the season with a win over Hornets in an exciting match that was more or less decided in the 2nd quarter when Pistons accumulated a 9 point lead over the visiting team. Pistons 2nd game of the season sadly did not finish in the same fashion, after they were beaten by Wizards at Capital One Arena. The match started well for Pistons, who were ahead by 7 points going into the 2nd half. Wizards quickly caught up to Pistons in the 3rd quarter, not only that but they also managed to get 10 points ahead of the opponents. I don’t think it’s needed to say this was the quarter Pistons lost their match and was arguably their worst quarter this season. They shot with only 35% accuracy, 12.5% from the 3pt line, whereas Wizards held on a healthy 50% accuracy from the field and a high 83.3% from the 3pt line. The last quarter was again in Pistons favour but they just couldn’t close the gap Wizards accumulated in the previous quarter. The match ended in a disappointing 115:111 for Wizards, who came back after a terrible 1st half. The most recent match for Pistons was against NY Knicks. Pistons won that match 107:111, but they did not play that well. They were trailing behind Knicks up until last quarter, even by 20 points at one point of the 2nd quarter. Of course, they managed to bounce back big time, but to be fair, they shouldn’t even be trailing behind Knicks, if we take into consideration the shape NY Knicks are now. Top scorers of the match: Porzingis (33pts), Harris (31pts) and Drummond (21pts).


Verdict & Prediction

76ers are suffering a poor start of the season and we saw Fultz, the no.1 overall pick having his ups and downs in the course of 3 games played. He seemingly lacks self-esteem and comes off as too passive sometimes. On the other hand, Simmons is performing very well, especially for a “rookie”. There is also Okafor, who has been a solid player for 76ers. Today we will believe 76ers are capable to turn this season around. They have got talent and players capable of winning games, especially against Pistons, who were disappointing in their last two matches.

Prediction: 76ers +4.00
Odds: 1.94 at SBOBET