Denver Nuggets v Milwaukee Bucks – NBA

Denver Nuggets v Milwaukee Bucks - NBA

Today’s cross conference matchup will take place at Pepsi Center, where Nuggets await Bucks for their first encounter this season.

Denver Nuggets cannot be happy with their latest performances, as they are currently on a 2 game losing streak. In the course of last 2 games, both LA Lakers (120:116) and Memphis Grizzlies (99:119) proven to be too strong for Denver. Loosing 2 games in a row is painful enough but taking into consideration, Denver was on a 3 game winning streak prior to that makes it so much worse. If there is a time to bounce back it will be tonight, in front of their fans at home, where they hold a reputation of being a tough team to beat. All in all, Denver are currently at 9th position in the West, with a record of 21-27. Last match against Grizzlies did not end well for Nuggets. In fact it didn’t even start well for them. Grizzlies got an early lead of 9 points in 1st quarter, which they extended in 2nd quarter by additional 4 points, thus going into 2nd half with a 13 point lead (49:62). I expected a fight back from Denver, but they did not deliver, as they went down by another 5 points in 3rd quarter. Last 12 minutes did not offer us any surprising turn of events, as the game proceeded in the same fashion it was going the whole game, with Grizzlies once more outscoring Denver (30:32). The game ended with a well deserved win for Grizzlies (99:119). Statistics: Denver shot with 40% accuracy, had 17 turnovers and 7 steals. Memphis shot better, with 48.9%FG and committed much less turnovers (8), but on the other hand had less steals (6). Top scorers: Gasol (24pts), Conley (18pts) and Gallinari (14pts).

Today’s visitors, Milwaukee Bucks are not in a great spot. Looking at their last 10 games, they have won only 1 and are now on a 4 game losing streak. It’s clear their form is as bad as it can get (almost) and with that, morale in the team surely at its lowest. Will they be able to overcome that and be prepared for today’s match? We will have to wait and see. Last match for Milwaukee ended in a 16 point loss against Utah Jazz (104:88), which was their 6th consecutive loss in away games. It’s clear away games are not Milwaukee’s strength and that will work in Denver’s favour. Looking back at the match, it was quite similar to Denver : Memphis match, in a way Utah accumulated a high lead prior to 2nd half and never looked back. Milwaukee were trailing by 18 points before heading into locker rooms and they were not able to close the gap in the second half. Bucks need to find their rhythm soon if they want any chance for competing in the play-offs, but by the looks of it that is not likely to happen, especially with the worst form in the league in the past 10 games. Statistics: Bucks shot 43.8% from the field, with 17 turnovers and 10 steals. Their opponents, Utah Jazz shot a bit better, with 46.2%, they also committed less turnovers (15) and had more steals (11). Top scorers:  Hayward (27pts), Gobert (26pts) and Parker (17pts).


Verdict & Prediction

Denver will not have Gallinari on the pitch tonight. In addition Jokic is also most likely out of the picture, whereas Barton’s appearance is still unknown. But begin that Denver had not released any information about him being prepared or not, there is a possibility he will play. Denver will have a weakened squad going into this match, but quite frankly they are still a better opponent in my eyes. Bucks are just not too convincing with their performances and are currently one of (if not THE) weakest teams in the NBA.

Prediction: Denver Nuggets -2.5 points
Odds: 1.85 SBOBET/Pinnacle


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